Summer Liberty nightwear.

I wish I could say that I spent my Saturday night at the machine bashing out a new and exciting item to show you but, but alas, I smashed my body mixing concrete, core filling a retaining wall and beginning a dry stone wall by moving some MASSIVE boulders. I spent last night broken on the lounge. However earlier…

I managed to make a new nighty with some lurvely Liberty!! This print is called Adelajda, and while I would have loved to have made it into a new Archer, I just couldn’t see past the mid-blue star print – it’s just not my favourite shade of blue.

I have one other Liberty nighty and I ADORE it. Yes, capital letter worthy – ADORE it! Best. jarmies. ever! As this nighty has an open back, it is much more suited to Sydney’s horribly warm and muggy summer nights.

As I tend to be rather lazy laundering my nightwear, I was worried about turning tubes or making thin straps and having them discolour. Do you find that straps always go murky first? So I just happened to find an old cheapo dress in my ‘donate’ bag that I was able to salvage some straps from. They are a solid matching blue and they came with adjustable hardware – win!

The pattern I used is Burda dress #118 from 06/2010 which I have used before here and here and here. To ensure the nighty was comfortable, I added a couple of inches to the back bodice of the dress, then ran a line of soft elastic across the back/top of the nighty and around the back/ under bust. Does that make sense?   I just fudged the skirt, making a gathered rectangle as wide as the ungathered back and gathered it up to match at the front.

Anyway, it fits well and is very, very cool and comfortable. I love it and ‘no’ I won’t model it for you 🙂

Hope you have great week!!

Pattern: Burda dress #118 from 06/2010 = used before and traced = free
Fabric: 1.5m Liberty from Shaukat inc part postage: $45
Thread, interfacing and elastic: $2
Total: $47 – Absolutely worth it!

  • That will be so beautiful to sleep in!

  • Very pretty, and you'll be sorted for the humidity!

  • mmmm….. retaining walls. and oh, a liberty nighty! hehe – love this 🙂

  • Liberty is just the best for sleeping in, and this nightie looks pretty. I bet you slept well after all the retaining wall stuff!

  • Looks gorgeous and the perfect nighty for the hot sweltery nights!

  • I agree. Liberty prints are so worth it – says a recent convert.

  • Beautiful

  • Great idea to reuse straps!

  • soo sexy night dress ..thanx for the post ..loved it !!