UFOs take flight!!

Out of the pile of doom and into my wardrobe. These two items have been giving me the stink eye for well over a year, possibly two – well, actually two – yikes!.

The skirt is Simplicity 2215. I borrowed this pattern from a friend in the middle of winter 2011, cut and pleated the skirt, then left it for a new shinier project. I can be quite easily distracted….

Not bad hey?

This is what I started with…

Can you see those few white stitches on the bottom left corner of the image? They are the basting stitches holding the asymmetrical pleats of this pattern. I didn’t get very far into this project before setting it aside.

To speed up the completion of this skirt, I left off the pockets and added a little elastic to the back waist for comfort. I also hemmed this as a midi skirt length, which I am becoming increasingly drawn too. I may have also been spurred on to finish this as I now own shiney gold sandals that work quite nicely with this colour.

The fabric is a rayon twill that I picked up from the sale table at Spotty for $4 a meter. I snapped up the last of the roll, which was about 1.5m. The fabric is thick, opaque and very drapey. I adore the colour, but it’s not a colour that appears in my wardrobe often, which may be why I struggled to finish this. Now I need to make a nicer top to go with this.

UFO No. 2 is a cute ponte cardigan which probably shouldn’t be worn with this skirt as it doesn’t entirely ‘go’ but I am struggling to take photos these days, so just snapped them while my husband was around last weekend before Adele’s birthday lunch.

This cardigan was made with Simplicity 2250. The fabric was called mustard ponte by Harts fabric, but I think it’s more gold in colour. I purchased this fabric to copy this jacket that I found on Pinterest many moons ago.

I tried using McCalls 6519, which is quite a boxy jacket, and shaped the lapels, but it just wasn’t working. I used the wrong interfacing, the sleeves were too big and I just felt like I was one of those golfers wearing a gold jacket from winning an Australian Masters.

As Simplicity 2250 has panels along the side, I was able to cut up this existing wadder to make my new cardigan. I think this cardigan minimizes the gold jacket look.

As with last time, I used some Liberty scraps, from Adele’s new birthday dress, for the edging and cuffs.

I really like this little cardigan pattern, it is super fast to make – all on the overlocker, except the edging – and looks good on. I think there will be more in the future.

Now I normally cost projects at the end of each blog post, but as I salvaged these from the bin, I feel like they should be costed as free items. Don’t you?

Buuuuutttttttt – I guess at some point these items cost money so:

Pattern: Simplicity 2215 – borrowed from a friend = Free
Fabric: 1.5m rayon twill from Spotty on sale = $6
Zipper: from the Remnant Warehouse = 50c
Total: $6.50

Pattern: Simplicity 2250 – used before = Free
Fabric: 1.5m ponte from Harts fabric inc part shipping = $30?? approx.
Fabric: Liberty scraps = Free
Total: $30. But really, I salvaged it from the rubbish to I think it cost me nothing!

Happy weekend all! Fingers crossed I don’t wear myself out too much today helping my husband with concreting and I can sew tonight!!