Blair Batwing Shirt

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone here. I don’t normally wear super loose fitting clothes, so this is a real experiment in a new style.

The Blair Batwing shirt from Named patterns caught my eye when I first looked at their website. There have been a few interesting items made with this new range of indie patterns and I am keeping my eye on the versions of the Jamie jeans pattern too. As the pattern pieces are layered on top of each other, like Burda, to avoid tracing, I simply printed 3 copies and taped and cut. I’m not sure if it was quicker, but I despise tracing!

Once the pattern was cut, this top was an easy and relaxing make. It took less that an hour to stitch together on my over locker and cover stitch machines.

The fabric is a simple striped knit from The Remnant Warehouse. I only bought a meter, which was over cut enough to fit this pattern. This pattern is a bit of a fabric eater and I was quite concerned about the size of the sleeves as I was cutting.


Put together though, I think it works. It’s a shame that the weather is warming up so much around there these days, but I’m sure this will still get wear.

I used my cover stitch machine to finish all hems and to turn the neck under. I just adore my new cover stitch machine. It just creates the most perfect hems without even trying. I can’t imagine living without one now that I’ve had a taste. I just need my husband to work together a base plate for my CoverPro so that I can attach and play with my binder.

More sewing fun to come! I have a backlog of projects to share!

Pattern: Blair Batwing Top from Named Patterns = $12.95
Fabric: 1m striped knit from the Remnant Warehouse = $8.95
Thread from stash
Total: $21.90





More unselfish sewing and some fabric shopping

Well aren’t I the saint of sewing for others?! This time I’ve recovered some new cushions on our new/old, inherited lounge that sits in the kids play room.

Just to recap – this is the 1930’s/40’s lounge as it came with old 70’s velour/velvet cushions.

And now, with new foam, cut slightly higher to increase comfort on the lounge, and covered in light teal upholstery fabric.

The teal colour is more muted in real life – not sure what the sunlight is doing in this room this morning.

This project came together amazingly quickly. I picked up the fabric at 2pm Tuesday and was finished by 10 pm. Rather than cut every side of each cushion, I used one piece of fabric and wrapped it with just side seams and gussets at the front and back corners. I don’t normally re-upholster in this way, but this is how the previous cushions were covered and I like the rolled front of each cushion that isn’t interrupted with seam lines.

Such a satisfying project and now I don’t have to worry about draping old sheets and quilts over the quite old, manky original cushions.

In other news, yesterday I headed out fabric shopping with no kids!!

Naturally, I went to Tessuti and spent the most money there. I went with the intention to buy cetain items, but ended up walking away with a few happy surprises.

Pictured on the left, you can see some of this swimwear lycra, which I intend to make in to a Oh Lu Lu swimsuit with black panels on the side (black purchased from The Remnant Warehouse). This will be my first go at swimwear. I do have a practice run planned, so hopefully it will work.

I purchased some lovely, lovely, lovely, Japanese embroidered rayon (pictured middle). I originally spied this fabric way back in May 2012, but couldn’t see how to place the dots until Lisa and Rachel used it. Naturally, when I stumbled upon it I couldn’t not buy it. I’m thinking I’ll make a shift, as I totally adore my recent Vogue 1349.

I also purchased some cotton/poly blend suit/pant weight fabric (pictured right) that I just love! It has the most amazing sheen that I think would look awesome as an unstructured jacket – like Simplicity 2250 or the By Hand Victoria Blazer (which I don’t own and would be an additional expense). This was my major impulse buy from the day, but I just love, love, love it – so hopefully it works as a finished item!! Any ideas for a less structured, less formal jacket pattern?

From the remnant table at Tessuti, I picked up some black linen which hopefully will be part of Butterick 5881. Lastly, I also swung by the Remnant Warehouse for swimsuit lining and elastic, as well as some drapey poly fabric to trial making some drapey pants, possibly the Tessuti Suzy pant.

So many plans and only 12 more days till school goes back!!

Holidays, me time and something for the boys

I’m sure the Sydney siders know, due to slightly lighter traffic on our terrible roads, that we are now enjoying school holidays!! Wooot!!

I really don’t think they could have come soon enough. My whole family were starting to fade with the end of the school term.

Even better than school holidays, today I have enjoyed a whole day with no kids!! Seriously!! BEST-DAY-EVER!!! I have been relaxing, and doing what I do best, sew, sew sew!! And it feels so good. I have so many things to show you, but haven’t wanted to stop the production to take photos. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll nail a bunch of photos because tomorrow I HAVE ANOTHER WHOLE DAY WITHOUT KIDS!!! Wooot woooo!! I think I’ll sew some, but am thinking of heading out…. Perhaps I’ll invest in some more fabric.  Tessuti with no kids is far more fun than Tessuti with kids… Anyone interested in an impromptu fabric shopping expedition in Sydney tomorrow? I really don’t need any fabric, but if I have company, I’ll take it as a sign that I’m meant to shop…let me know!

In the meantime, I have been continuing with some unselfish sewing, and have made the boys a bunch of shorts.

These boys are so funny to photograph!

They have outgrown any shorts from last year and surviving on just one pair each, which really isn’t working in this lovely Spring weather in Sydney.

These shorts were made with some cool jersey from the Ottobre Etsy shop. It was on sale recently for about $24 inc postage and I made three pairs of shorts with it.

These shorts haven’t photographed well, but are a made with a remnant of stretch ticking left over from these pants (which I am yet to wear!) I made both Oliver and James a pair using Burda 9793, which has been my ‘go to’ pattern for boys shorts for a few years now.

The last pair are just for Oliver. They are made with a printed drill from the sale table at Spotlight, again with Burda 9793,.

 Simple back pockets from plain black pant weight fabric.

The boys were such a hoot to photograph. I really should make them more things.

So, what will I do tomorrow….????

The Mum Dress – Vogue 1027 and Tiramisu

Some time ago I negotiated a baby sitting favour with my mum in exchange for making her a maxi dress. Anyone else and I would have dealt with the kids. But I do love her and she doesn’t ask for much.

Even though I was happy to sew her a dress, it was still a bugger to make. I really don’t like making clothes for other people. It’s so stressful worrying about the fit and finish, not to mention how hard it is to get motivated to hit the machine when you don’t get something nice to wear at the end.

This dress took me over six weeks to make – stopping periodically to check it fit her. As I share a different body shape to mum, mainly in the bust department, I chose to use the Cake Tiramisu pattern (borrowed from a friend to save $$) for the bodice as it has cup size options for fit and its not super low cut. This worked a treat and it meant that I didn’t need to learn an FBA.

I added a tie like the one in Vogue 1027 and a semi self drafted a skirt. Well really, I just guessed the shirt shape and pleated it under the bodice until it fit, which I think gives the skirt a nice amount of volume without bunching.

Mum is leaving for a holiday to Italy and Canada on Friday, so I made sure the fabric was  easy to wash and wear, and looked great. This is just a drapey ITY Jersey from The Remnant Warehouse which should travel nicely for her.

I made a few changes to the Tiramisu pattern to perfect the fit for mum. I pleated under the bust as I prefer this to gathers in knit dresses. I cut the  back on the fold to eliminate the unnecessary back seam. I took the sides in about an inch each and added the neck binding, but wasn’t happy with the look, so folded it under and cover stitched it in place. This actually stabilizes the front bodice seams and prevents them from stretching out with wear.

I’m glad this is finished and I’m really pleased with this dress. I think mum looks fabulous in it. Now to start planning my holiday sewing! Only two more sleeps!