Joy and Sorrow: Simplicity 2177

Just a little more Liberty love to share today.

This dress started as a simple summer frock, which I was hoping to wear out to dinner last Friday, and very quickly became a weekend long project due to my crazy decision to add piping to all bodice seams.

I think the extra work is worth it though. I really dig the piping and I love that I don’t have to worry about wearing a belt as the waist piping provides enough definition. I also need to add that the point at the base of the v-neck, where four lines of piping meet is absolutely perfect! I even took the time to hand tack the armscye binding by hand to create a clean finish with no visible stitching and move the zipper to the side because it also looks neater that way. Oh yes, I’m a master couturier!

Following Sunni’s post about lining choices, I second guessed my initial plan to line the skirt in regular acetate lining, which was all I had. I headed to the Remnant Warehouse and purchased some lovely rayon lining. It feels so much more luxurious and better suited to Liberty. My only regret is that I only purchased 60cm to line this skirt and didn’t stock up on a few meters for the stash. Seriously, what’s wrong with me??

This new Liberty fabric is also just awesome! It’s called Joy and Sorrow from new Liberty Autumn winter range. I may have been obsessively stalking the Shaukat website for a few weeks waiting for this one to become available.

As I’ve made Simplicity 2177 three times before, the fit is pretty spot on. I think it’s fair to say that this is a firm TNT pattern in my stash. I definitely think it’s worth a try if you are after a simple and flattering v neck frock, but I’ve just noticed its now OOP – boo! I think the bias side panels really help achieve a good fit without over fitting the dress.

I wore it to school today and the kids really like it. Style compliments from 8 year olds wearing maroon tracksuits are just gold!

Pattern: Simplicity 2177 (now OOP) used before = Free
Fabric: 1.4m Liberty Joy and Sorrow inc part shipping = $40
Fabric: 60cm rayon lining = $4.20
Zipper: $3
Thread and interfacing from stash
Total: $47.20

Wavy Cowl

This cowl has been finished for over 5 weeks!! It was my car crafting project from our trip to the Sunshine Coast during the holidays.

This cowl was made with the free Muirlands Cowl pattern on Ravelry. It was a simple to make and entertaining enough for the long car journey.

I used some of the Quince & Co yarn that I purchased from Suzy Hausfrau at the Sydney Quilt and Craft Show. I was worried about crocheting a cowl as my neck can be sensitive to wool and crochet can make it worse, but this yarn is so soft that I’ve found no itchy problems at all!

Funny thing about this  project. I was so desperate to make something special with this yarn that I ended up double working the yarn. I initially started making a shawl, working to my third skein before changing my mind and unraveling it.

I’m much happier with the cowl!

Tofino in Liberty V2

Like I was going to stop at one pair of Liberty PJs!

This is one of Liberty’s new Autumn Winter 2013 designs called Volcanism. I fell in love with the colours when I first saw it online and snapped it up as soon as it was available. I just knew it would work well with this voile remnant from Anna Maria Horner.

I’m super happy with these PJs and they were really quick to make, thanks to no piping and the pattern already being traced!

As you may have guessed, my wrist is feeling slightly better and I was able to cut these this morning with no pain! Yeah!

Pattern: Sewaholic Tofino from Sew Squirrel. Used before = free
Fabric: 1m Liberty Volcanism from Shaukat inc part postage = $29.30
Fabric: 50cm remnant of voile?? = $7
Thread: from stash = free
Elastic: Gift from an estate = free
Total: $36.30

Tofino in Liberty

Another easy, but essential make. My house clothes are severely lacking, especially as warmer weather approaches  – well, it was approaching, then not, then now again…

I wasn’t terribly interested in the Tofino pattern from Sewaholic when it was first released. I’ve always used vintage PJ patterns or modified modern patterns to make PJ pants.  As I am so time poor these days, I didn’t want to bother drafting something again, and naturally I couldn’t find an previous patterns, so the Tofino was ordered from Sew Squirrel (local seller with free postage = fast delivery and happy me!).

I was worried that I’d regret the premium pattern purchase for just PJ pants, but I’m not. I think this pattern is fantastic. It’s got a great cut and shape. The waist fits perfectly with a great rise front and back. The leg width is comfortable and the detail gives a clean finish with a bit of interest.

I purchased this Liberty a couple of years ago and just couldn’t see a finished day wear garment from it. I think it’s galaxy print is perfect for PJs. I used some left over navy silk-cotton for the piping and a packet of rats tail cording that I purchased at the Simplicity ASG open day.

I didn’t add the ribbon tie around the waist as I didn’t have anything suitable in my stash and the silk cotton would have just  wrinkled too much in the wash. I’m very happy with these PJs and will definitely make more in the future.

In other news, I only have one more finished garment to show you, from my backlog of items, and then I will have temporarily run out of items. My sewing time has been extremely limited lately. Not only is school and family life killing me, but I ruptured a tendon on my wrist two weeks ago and am finding sewing too painful. It just makes me want to cry!! I’ve lost my ‘yoga’.

In other news, I may have accidentally purchased one of these last weekend…

Despite my wrist pain, I’ve managed to play around with it a little this week. I’m super excited about avoiding wavy hems from now on!

Pattern: Sewaholic Tofino pattern from Sew Squirrel = $16
Fabric: 1.3m Libety inc part shipping = $34
Fabric: Navy silk cotton remnant = free
Piping: $1
Elastic: $1
Total: $52!! Yikes, but I’m sure the dollar per wear calculation will negate this high initial cost over time.