My little cupcake!

Adele seems to be the easiest to keep happy in fabric stores these days. While not completely happy to be there, she does enjoy looking at pretty ‘frabrics’ so I can make her new clothes.

This was her latest find from The Remnant Warehouse. I had to convince her that this one was better than some of those gold embellished Japanese quilting cotton fabrics and all the other brown ones she was picking because they looked like chocolate!

She picked the pink trim herself. So I didn’t loose any of the fabric design, I used bias binding to attach the trim and hem the skirt. I also added a waistband so I didn’t lose the design along the top.

Clearly she’s quite pleased with her new cupcake skirt and for the extra cost (about $5) and 30 mins work, it brought so much more peace to the shopping trip and it was much, much easier than calling out to the boys every 2 mins and asking them to stop running around/hiding/play fighting/etc.

Happy Saturday!

  • What a gorgeous little skirt – excellent choice on the fabric for this little cutie! I use to bribe my kids with buttons when shopping – they could choose 2 'kiddy shaped' buttons to buy (and I still have most of them in my button stash)…anything for a peaceful fabric shopping experience…J

  • Oh I remember those days. How come when you take kids to a shop, every other child is sitting and behaving perfectly and your own are running riot? I used to take mine to spotlight and just let them go and hide&seek under all the fabric tables and ignore it. I heard one lady saying to another once that she thought there were rats in the store!

  • Cute skirt – I love that our girls are learning from a young age that there are more fashion choices than just that available in the stores. And the one thing I like best about being back at work is shopping at lunchtime or leaving early to pop into the fabric store on the way home to shop sans kids!

  • Lovely to see Adele picking her own style with her Mum. My niece and nephew were also being 'high maintenance' when I took them fabric shopping together. They're better separately when it comes to fabric.

  • Oh yes. Boys in the fabric shop. I don't know how many times my eldest has lobbed me in the head with a bolt of fabric, a miracle that I haven't had a concussion really.

    Love the skirt. Love the idea of loving brown fabric because it looks like chocolate. Sound like my darling chocolate obsessed girl.