ModKid dress for Adele

I shamelessly copied Lara and snapped up this cute Mod Kid pattern as soon as I saw Clare’s new dress.

Adele picked out her fabric last night. I may have been trying to distract her from her tantrum and it worked. The main purple fabric is from Ottobre and the side panels are a Valerie Wells knit.

The pattern is easy to make and looks great on. I actually measured Adele prior to making this, rather than just going by her age, and made up a size 3 which fits perfectly.

Like Lara, I added a neckband rather than turning the fabric under. It definitely looks better this way and will certainly wash and wear better. I used my cover stitch machine for the hems. Surprisingly, I managed to find two spools of matching purple thread in my stash and had only just enough to finish the hems. I think I need to look at expanding my thread collection. If only I lived next door to Lara and her thread stash!

  • I laughed out loud more than once reading your blog post! How adorable is your Adele in that dress! Glad that you liked the neckband idea too. I've got another one cut out for Stella now (cats plus purple).

  • So cute! I think my girl will be getting one of these soon…..

  • Cute dress and I love the pockets.

  • Very cute, I love the mix of polka dots and floral

  • A very cute dress and love the combination of fabrics.

  • I thinks the big dot print make her look even cuter.

  • I love this and fear I may be shamelessly copying you both soon!!