Lego Play Mat

Something for the boys, but really something for me

My boys don’t seem to be able to play with Lego without tipping the whole box on the floor. When they are finished they walk away. I nag for them to clean up, I bribe, I threaten, then I confiscate all the Lego for a week.

This play mat is a simple item to save my sanity. Just a remnant of home dec fabric cut roughly into a circle. I serged the edges, then turned them under to form a casing with 4 openings. I didn’t have any cording to pull through the casings, so used some Zpagetti t-shirt yarn (a ghost from Craft shows pasts), and it works well enough.

Now when they are finished playing with Lego, we pull the mat into a sack and dump it in the Lego box.

I haven’t confiscated the Lego for over two weeks now – win!

BTW – I still haven’t covered the lounge. The toy room is almost always messy. The kids love their matching blue monster onesies. We use a clean dust pan to scoop Lego and it also makes life easier.
The boys want more Lego for Christmas. I’m working on trying to change their minds. Nuff said.

  • Great idea to keep the Lego under control and sorry but there is never such a thing as too much Lego.

  • Awesome idea, and cute little monsters 🙂

  • Genius! I bet my sister-in-law would love something like this. Her boys are lego maniacs.

  • It's like reading about my house! We tried having our Lego organised, but my boys' version of packing away is to scoop it up and chuck it in the nearest Lego tub, which doesn't work so well for keeping it organised. I'm actually in the process of making a mat like this for a friend's son. Maybe I should make one for my boys too.

    My 8yr old also wants more Lego for Christmas, which I am also trying to talk him out of, but I'm not sure what else to get him – he's at a difficult age for gift buying!

  • I tried sewing one, but in the end gave up and just bought one from !