Simplicity 2250 Ponte Jacket

This simple jacket has been sitting cut and ready to sew for over 5 months. Every time I get a moment in my sewing room, something aside from this jacket takes my fancy.

On Friday, it was a lovely 29 degrees in Sydney. So I thought, why not make a jacket??

Well, there were a few contributing factors that pushed me in to making this. I had only two other items ready to sew. One required a black invisible zipper, which I seem to have run out of, and the other needed me to change my overlocker thread, which I prefer to do when I have a few projects that require the change.

As it was already cut, this only took a couple of hours to make. All inside seams are serged and I made bias binding out of a Liberty remnant for the edges.

I think the contrast between the purple/grey ponte and the Liberty is really sweet. I also trimmed the sleeves with a thicker cut of bias, so they can be rolled up or down. I also shortened the jacked by about 2 inches.

I really like this simple cardigan/jacket. I’m sure it will get a lot of wear during this trans seasonal time in Sydney. I can’t believe it took so long for me to make!

Pattern: Simplicity 2250. Used before = free
Fabric: 1.2m ponte from Spotlight. On sale = approx $12?? I can’t remember how much or how long this piece was, so this is just a guess.
Fabric: Remnant of Liberty from Rachel = Free
Thread from stash
Total: $12

Lego Play Mat

Something for the boys, but really something for me

My boys don’t seem to be able to play with Lego without tipping the whole box on the floor. When they are finished they walk away. I nag for them to clean up, I bribe, I threaten, then I confiscate all the Lego for a week.

This play mat is a simple item to save my sanity. Just a remnant of home dec fabric cut roughly into a circle. I serged the edges, then turned them under to form a casing with 4 openings. I didn’t have any cording to pull through the casings, so used some Zpagetti t-shirt yarn (a ghost from Craft shows pasts), and it works well enough.

Now when they are finished playing with Lego, we pull the mat into a sack and dump it in the Lego box.

I haven’t confiscated the Lego for over two weeks now – win!

BTW – I still haven’t covered the lounge. The toy room is almost always messy. The kids love their matching blue monster onesies. We use a clean dust pan to scoop Lego and it also makes life easier.
The boys want more Lego for Christmas. I’m working on trying to change their minds. Nuff said.

ModKid dress for Adele

I shamelessly copied Lara and snapped up this cute Mod Kid pattern as soon as I saw Clare’s new dress.

Adele picked out her fabric last night. I may have been trying to distract her from her tantrum and it worked. The main purple fabric is from Ottobre and the side panels are a Valerie Wells knit.

The pattern is easy to make and looks great on. I actually measured Adele prior to making this, rather than just going by her age, and made up a size 3 which fits perfectly.

Like Lara, I added a neckband rather than turning the fabric under. It definitely looks better this way and will certainly wash and wear better. I used my cover stitch machine for the hems. Surprisingly, I managed to find two spools of matching purple thread in my stash and had only just enough to finish the hems. I think I need to look at expanding my thread collection. If only I lived next door to Lara and her thread stash!

My little cupcake!

Adele seems to be the easiest to keep happy in fabric stores these days. While not completely happy to be there, she does enjoy looking at pretty ‘frabrics’ so I can make her new clothes.

This was her latest find from The Remnant Warehouse. I had to convince her that this one was better than some of those gold embellished Japanese quilting cotton fabrics and all the other brown ones she was picking because they looked like chocolate!

She picked the pink trim herself. So I didn’t loose any of the fabric design, I used bias binding to attach the trim and hem the skirt. I also added a waistband so I didn’t lose the design along the top.

Clearly she’s quite pleased with her new cupcake skirt and for the extra cost (about $5) and 30 mins work, it brought so much more peace to the shopping trip and it was much, much easier than calling out to the boys every 2 mins and asking them to stop running around/hiding/play fighting/etc.

Happy Saturday!