Spider Boys!

Oliver and James have been waiting a long time for goodies for them to emerge from my sewing room.

Finally, they have something from me!

Way back in 2011, I made the boys spider jarmies. This was at the start of their super hero phase.

They are now into Star Wars, but it’s taken me over two years to find suitable fabric for them.

This spider knit fabric is from the Alannah Hill / Dangerfield fabric section of the outlet on Brunswick Street. On my recent trip to Melbourne sans kids, but with my seriously hung over hubby, the only shop I really wanted to go to was this one. I wasn’t disappointed, but my husband was devastated by the lack of man seating available. Ha!

Clearly the boys are happy with their jarmies. Oliver even chose to wear his pair to PJ day at school this week. I still hadn’t clipped the threads!! Yikes!

One more day till holidays!!!!!!!

High Tea Darling!

Every sewing catch up is such great fun and especially comforting to realize you’re not the only crazy who loses sleep trying to decide what pattern to sew or which fabric attack next.

I’m not the best photographer on the planet and definitely not the personality type to edge in to take photos at these types of events. Knowing this, I took a bunch of photos just as we sat at our table. My apologies for their quality and very sorry Maria and Gabrielle – I didn’t realize you’d blinked! And sorry Anne, you arrived after the photos.


Our group yesterday included:

the blogless, but equally lovely ladies:



Thanks again everyone for a great day. I hope you all had fun and thanks Kristy for organizing it all!

I believe next time we’ll contrast this posh catch-up with one at the pub for wedges and beer. 🙂

Date night top: Vogue 1250

Last night the boys went to their school disco. Unless you volunteer to help – like the thousands of helicopter parents at their school – you are asked to leave when the music begins. The husband and I took this opportunity to go out on a date…with Adele. As we needed to eat fairly quickly, we headed to a local club. Dresses are normally too dressy for these cultural hot spots, so a date top was needed.

Here is Vogue 1250 as a top.

Please excuse the bright photos. My professional photographer is on holidays 🙂

I think it’s rather sexy and scandalously low cut. I certainly couldn’t lean forward without surprising the person in front of me. Not that the date was that ‘hot’ really. Having Adele there kept it tame 😛

I think it only took 30 mins to whip up this number. I cut an 8 and it’s a little roomy and possibly gapes a little too much under the arm, but still, it’s OK. Rather than maintain the drafted skirt of the pattern, which wraps behind the dress from the waist, I guesstimated the side seams so they remained on the side. I’m pretty happy with the fit here, especially as it was just a guess.

Pattern: Vogue 1250 – gift from a friend = Free
Fabric: 1m lightweight cotton/spandex jersey from My Hung = $7
Thread from stash
Total: $7