Vogue 1247 – The Waitress Skirt

Just a simple black skirt with a couple of pockets, for one’s order book and pen, hidden in a seam line.

Obligatory hand in pocket photo – “Can I take your order?”

Plenty of versions of this skirt have popped up on blogs and for good reason – it is a good pattern. It came together easily and I only really took it in a little on the sides and back for fit. I also added to the length. I’m not 100% happy with the straight waistband, but am still happy with the fit.

I used a stretch sateen from Spotty for the skirt. It looks quite creased here in the morning sun, but doesn’t look that bad in real life.

Pattern: Vogue 1247 – used before = Free
Fabric: .0.8m stretch sateen from Spotlight, purchased on sale: $7
Zipper: $3??
Interfacing & thread: from stash
Total: $10

  • Wow Christy, such a fun skirt and fun title 🙂 it looks lovely on.

  • I love where the pockets are placed. Don't you just love the way light catches every ripple? Nice skirt, even with good old SL fabric.

  • Love this skirt and the pockets are also perfect for holding your phone.

  • Holy coincidence Betty!!!! I am in the middle of this same skirt in black stretch waffle!! Soooo spooky. It looks like you added some length, is that right?

    • Yes, I added about 3 inches. Can't wait to see yours!

  • I love this pattern. It is my go to skirt pattern now. It looks lovely in the cotton sateen. In the photo it looks like leather!

  • I have admired this skirt on so many blogs. When you called it a waitress skirt, I knew immediately what you meant and thought, she is so right! I'll bet you have done some waitressing.

  • You're so lucky to have found black cotton sateen at Spotty… and on sale?!!? Great skirt.