Tessuti New York Cape V2 and V3

This is the first installment in my winter jacket wardrobe for this year.

I have used the Tessuti New York Cape pattern before. My first cape was on extremely high rotation last year and I’m confident this one will be too.

The fabric was purchased from The Fabric Store last year in one of their 50% off sales. It’s a Marc Jacobs wool coating and if it looks familiar, then it’s because you may have seen it here or here made up with the same pattern!

Once again, I ‘petited’ the pattern, removing a little from the width and length. I made bias for the inner seams with a remnant from this shirt and purchased black wool binding for the outer from Tessuti last year. The buttons were purchased from Lincraft.

I tried my hardest to match the fabric, but for some reason, failed miserably. The sides do not match at all! I think I must have cut it after a very long day. I don’t care though. It is still an awesome cape!

As I purchased a little extra fabric to help with matching, I ended up with a largish piece left over that I couldn’t bring myself to throw out and couldn’t find a reason to keep. So with a little creative pattern drafting (read: lying child on ground over fabric and cutting around her) I made Adele her own New York Cape!!

She’s so cute!!

As I didn’t have any more binding, I lined Adele’s with a poly cotton remnant that has been maturing in the stash for years. The buttons are also left over from my old kids clothes selling days.

The cape isn’t terribly big on her. In fact it will probably only fit her for a few minutes more, but it was fun to make and she loves it.

Pattern: Tessuti New York Cape – used before = Free
Fabric: 2.5m Marc Jacobs wool = $43.75
Inner binding: .5m cotton shirting = $3.50
Outer binding: 3.5m wool binding (I had just over a meter left from my last cape) = $29.75 after discount
Buttons: $9 from Lincraft
Interfacing and thread from stash.
Total: $86! Yikes certainly one of the more expensive items this year!

  • Adele does look cute, and you do too πŸ™‚ the cape is so lovely.

  • That cape looks fabulous on you both. Love the pink peeking out on Adele's.

  • Amy

    You are so freaking cute in your matching coats!!

  • I love the matching capes!

  • Adele's is simply gorgeous. I love the pink lining. Your cape is lovely as well. It was a fantastic use of leftovers to make the mini one.

  • They both look lovely – so chic.

  • I do like how you are starting your winter sewing early.

  • The fabric gives it really great body. She's such a little model in the first shot!!

  • That cape looks really familiar!! Excellent. I really like it. And Adele is beyond cute.

  • You look great in your new layer … but let me say that Adele is absolutely delicious! She is adorable with her ​​new coat! Love you both!

  • You two look ridiculously cute! I think I might have to make for Little M. xx

  • Christy, I sent you an email about Sewjourn in December – did you get it? Xx

  • Yay – great coat, and looks like it'll fit over and with heaps of different ouutfits! Adele's is so cute too – what a little darling πŸ™‚

  • Oh how sweet. Matching! You both look great.