While some stress about the size of their stash, for the most part, I don’t. Mine has grown lately, but not (yet) to an obscene level.

For me, having a stash enables me to sew on a whim and allows me to pick and choose projects as I please. Sometimes I buy fabric with a particular project in mind, but I try not to stress if it doesn’t happen. All fabric will be used in good time. No pressure – this is a hobby right?

So for your viewing pleasure, here are photos of my precious stash. This is it. Once it was fully contained in half of a Billy bookcase, but some of my precious silks and Liberty has spread to my vintage low boy and now the rocking chair also offers a resting place for pieces I’m contemplating using.

The Billy bookcase stash. Mostly knits at the bottom. Denim and wovens
on the middle. Light weight and swim suit of the top. All folded just for you!

The vintage low boy. Scraps in a basket, quilting cottons
and Liberty, silks and lace on the top left – Yum! Patterns in the drawers and small
baskets on the bottom shelf. 

Silk, lace and Liberty.

Coatings and others I’m contemplating using. Yes that’s Tessuti Gridlock – still un-cut!

For me, stashing always increases in the lead up to the school holidays. I headed to the Remnant Warehouse last week for some cheap stretch and lining, but also happened across these two gems.

Knit of mystery composition. Well, I can’t remember, but it’s wonderful! $9.95 pm

Polyester faille border print – this just screams Gorman to me. $7.95 pm
I don’t know what to do with either, but I love them both. Maybe a shift with the knit, but who knows with the border print…. Any ideas??
Happy school holidays! Here’s hoping the machine gets a work out!
  • What a coincidence – I just posted on the same subject on my blog. There's just something so reassuring about a good stash, isn't there?

  • The border print would make a lovely maxi-dress. I have the same philosophy as you – I buy it for a special project and use it years later. Cherrie

  • I love Gorman! I'd say Maxi skirt or dress as well.

  • That print is ace! I think another wrap dress would be amazing

  • Your stash is bigger than mine!! Kind of makes me feel okay about investing in some new fabrics before I've sewn the oldies.

  • I think a maxi dress for the last fabric piece would look great on you.
    As for a stash that allows you to sew when you feel like it – I enjoy mine for the same reason.
    Enjoy the school holidays too.

  • To me the stash is vital in the sewing process. A source of inspiration.
    Love the Remnant Warehouse stuff, especially the first print. Hopefully I'll be there later today for some stashing of my own.