Archer in Liberty

It was only a matter of time before some of my Liberty stash was transformed into an Archer and the red fabric was voted most popular so…


This shirt has taken me almost a week to finish, which given my normal sewing output has been extremely abnormal. But now I’m on school holidays!! Wooo!!! Weeee!! Yee haaa!

While it’s not likely that I’ll get any kid free time I will be able to stay up late without worrying about school the next day.

For my second Archer I sized down to a 2 and I’m much happier with the fit. I shortened the sleeves by about an inch and the only other change I made, was to remove about 1/2 inch from the hem of the shirt.

The Liberty was a dream to work with, as always and I love the print. My husband however, does not. His first comment on seeing the shirt was “Where’d you get that from? It’s a bit retro!” Followed shortly by, “Are you going to wear flares too?” Hmmm, these husbands can be turds at times!

Despite the shitty comments, I love it and I’m going to wear it more than I normally would just to peev him off! ha ha!

Pattern: Grainline Archer shirt used before = Free
Fabric: 1.5m Liberty Phoebe from Shaukat $ 34 inc part shipping
Buttons: Matt red buttons from Spotlight 7 x 49c = $3.43. I probably should have bought two more, but I don’t plan on buttoning the shirt the whole way up 🙂
Thread and interfacing from stash
Total: $37.43

Tessuti New York Cape V2 and V3

This is the first installment in my winter jacket wardrobe for this year.

I have used the Tessuti New York Cape pattern before. My first cape was on extremely high rotation last year and I’m confident this one will be too.

The fabric was purchased from The Fabric Store last year in one of their 50% off sales. It’s a Marc Jacobs wool coating and if it looks familiar, then it’s because you may have seen it here or here made up with the same pattern!

Once again, I ‘petited’ the pattern, removing a little from the width and length. I made bias for the inner seams with a remnant from this shirt and purchased black wool binding for the outer from Tessuti last year. The buttons were purchased from Lincraft.

I tried my hardest to match the fabric, but for some reason, failed miserably. The sides do not match at all! I think I must have cut it after a very long day. I don’t care though. It is still an awesome cape!

As I purchased a little extra fabric to help with matching, I ended up with a largish piece left over that I couldn’t bring myself to throw out and couldn’t find a reason to keep. So with a little creative pattern drafting (read: lying child on ground over fabric and cutting around her) I made Adele her own New York Cape!!

She’s so cute!!

As I didn’t have any more binding, I lined Adele’s with a poly cotton remnant that has been maturing in the stash for years. The buttons are also left over from my old kids clothes selling days.

The cape isn’t terribly big on her. In fact it will probably only fit her for a few minutes more, but it was fun to make and she loves it.

Pattern: Tessuti New York Cape – used before = Free
Fabric: 2.5m Marc Jacobs wool = $43.75
Inner binding: .5m cotton shirting = $3.50
Outer binding: 3.5m wool binding (I had just over a meter left from my last cape) = $29.75 after discount
Buttons: $9 from Lincraft
Interfacing and thread from stash.
Total: $86! Yikes certainly one of the more expensive items this year!

Moss skirt

After seeing so many lovely Moss mini’s on the interwebs, it was only a matter of time until I jumped on the band wagon and made one myself. My only regret with this pattern… is that I didn’t make it earlier!

I’ve been in desperate need of a simple denim skirt all summer and have scraped by (fashionably speaking) without one all-summer-long! Shock! Horror!

Needless to say, I’m extremely happy with my skirt and the pattern. I made a size 4 and only removed about 1/4 inch from each side and added 3 inches to the hem to get this good fit. I also top stitched the seams to fein flat felled seams 🙂

To make this skirt an even more satisfying project, I managed to squeeze this skirt out of an ancient odd-shaped remnant of thick, sturdy denim that has been sitting in my stash since, well, who knows? Seriously, I think it was well less that 1m in total and looked like the letter “H”.

*happy dance*

Pattern: Grainline Moss Mini = $8.50
Fabric: Ancient denim remant approx $5
Zipper: Metal jeans zip = $3?
Thread: black from stash.

Total: $16.50