Archer in Liberty

It was only a matter of time before some of my Liberty stash was transformed into an Archer and the red fabric was voted most popular so…


This shirt has taken me almost a week to finish, which given my normal sewing output has been extremely abnormal. But now I’m on school holidays!! Wooo!!! Weeee!! Yee haaa!

While it’s not likely that I’ll get any kid free time I will be able to stay up late without worrying about school the next day.

For my second Archer I sized down to a 2 and I’m much happier with the fit. I shortened the sleeves by about an inch and the only other change I made, was to remove about 1/2 inch from the hem of the shirt.

The Liberty was a dream to work with, as always and I love the print. My husband however, does not. His first comment on seeing the shirt was “Where’d you get that from? It’s a bit retro!” Followed shortly by, “Are you going to wear flares too?” Hmmm, these husbands can be turds at times!

Despite the shitty comments, I love it and I’m going to wear it more than I normally would just to peev him off! ha ha!

Pattern: Grainline Archer shirt used before = Free
Fabric: 1.5m Liberty Phoebe from Shaukat $ 34 inc part shipping
Buttons: Matt red buttons from Spotlight 7 x 49c = $3.43. I probably should have bought two more, but I don’t plan on buttoning the shirt the whole way up 🙂
Thread and interfacing from stash
Total: $37.43

  • Love it. I will have to add it to my growing list

  • Gee, that was quick. Such a great pattern! I voted red so feeling vindicated. What does he know?? It looks great. Turds indeed!

  • Great, that's the fabric I meant to vote for too! I don't know if Liberty shirts really belong to a single era do they? It looks perfect for Autumn to me…

  • Love it! Don't listen to your husband. I get comments like that, too– usually followed by "but what do I know about women's clothes." Lol. He's a smart man!

  • Don't listen to your husband – please. The shirt is lovely.

    Yay for being on holidays, I go back to work now.

  • Cute. I love it. And perfect for the weather now. Seriously, don't listen to the comments of someone who thinks that his favourite footy jersey is appropriate wear to go to on Saturday night. Guessing here 😉

  • Wonderful shirt and enjoy wearing it!

  • Yes I have a husband who thinks he is a part time comedian too! Isn't that why we blog, to show off to people who will understand and appreciate our creations. I love your shirt, in fact I'm now inspired to cut into my precious liberty to make a long peeved shirt too – it's so silly of me to be too scared to use a fabric because it's so lovely

  • Well I think you should make the flares to go totally retro. Great shirt.

  • Its gorgeous Christy! The Liberty print is both special and perfectly suits the modern Archer shirt style… imo it gives the dainty print a bit of modern chic. Enjoy wearing your lovely shirt 🙂