Winter wardrobe for Adele.

As with every change of season, I look through my children’s clothing to find everything looks horrible, tatty and a tad too small. I’ve been slowly building a new wardrobe for Adele, some photos have been negotiated, but not all have been possible. Stubborn child!

A long sleeve Go To Signature dress using jersey remnants. She loves the pocket and the fabric hides most of the crap she constantly drops down her front.

Another Go To Dress using a lovely knit from The Remnant Warehouse purchased here. This time I included a hood, which she is quite in love with. The contrast fabric was also from The Remnant Warehouse in the $1 bins out the front – bargain!

Another toddler cowl neck dress – I’ve made this pattern a few times before and it’s a definite winner. Adele chose the fabric herself, which is also from The Remnant Warehouse.

A maxi skirt. Yes this is very age appropriate! I think every 3 year old should own a maxi skirt… Well, maybe not, but the child has been begging for one since I made my own. I drafted this myself and used a remnant for the outer and fully lined it in pink jersey for a little more substance. Needless to say this is her favourite new item. And for the record – Yes, it drags on the ground when she rides her mini ride on bike thing…
Jarmies – This is just one of 4 pairs that I’ve made for the child. Two are like this and were made with a large piece of Holly Hobby cotton jersey that I scored from the Op Shop for $1. I made another jersey pair in stripes and another flannelette pair made with full collar and button down placket, but I can’t get a photograph of them as they are on such high rotation and always creased from after the wash.
Other un photographed items include the 5 pairs of leggings made from remnants including some merino. They are incredibly boring really, but totally necessary.
Hopefully that will sort out Adele for a little while longer. While it is cost effective to make clothes for her using remnants, it can be a little boring 🙂
Happy Tuesday!

Shifty: New Look 6145

After making quite a number of v-neck knit dresses recently (yikes 5!), I knew it was time to find a different look. Enter: the simple shift.

There are a number of shifts floating around in blog land courtesy of the Colette Laurel pattern, but given I am not the model size for Colette patterns, I opted for New Look 6145. My experience with New Look patterns has generally been good and I like the price tag too!

The other reason for choosing the New Look pattern was that I was trying to copy an old ponte shift dress that I own from way back. The bust darts on it are angled, like on the New Look pattern, which I think helps with shaping under the bust too.

I really like this dress. It’s simple and skims over the body without gripping. The fabric, purchased from the Remnant Warehouse recently, is a little mesh-like so I plan to wear it with a slip which will also prevent it gripping to my tights.

Can you believe that I love this fabric so much I even made a toile of the pattern? Technically this is wearable, but really not my style.

As the pattern is not drafted for stretch I made a few changes. I cut an 8, but took an extra 1-2 cms from the width of the dress to ensure it fitted a little more than it would with a woven. I also raised the armscye and reduced the width of the sleeve. To ensure a nicer fit across the back, I deepened the back darts and slightly tapered the pattern at the waist. I also cut the back on the fold as there is no need to use a zipper in this type of frock. Lastly, I bound the neck, rather than face it, as it makes for a neater finish with knits. I think this sounds like a lot of changes, but most were done prior to making the toile as you could see there needed to be some changes to accommodate the stretch of the fabric.

And in the interest of full disclosure my friends – in an effort to trial new stretch patterns, I may have experienced an epic fail!

New Look 6071 – Slightly too big around the bust…

and look at that mess at the back!!!!

While this isn’t too hard to fix, at the moment I can’t be bothered. I might try this again in a nicer fabric, but for now, this will head to the re-fashion pile.

Win some – lose some!

Pattern: New Look 6145 download from = $4.70
Fabric: 1.5m mesh knit from The Remnant Warehouse = $14.95
Thread and interfacing from stash
Fabric for toile: 1.5m mesh knit from The Remnant Warehouse = $8.95
Total inc toile: $28.60

Pattern: New Look 6071 from ??? $6 ???
Fabric: 1.5m cotton knit on sale from Lincraft = $7.50
Thread from stash
Total: $13.50

Vogue 1247 – The Waitress Skirt

Just a simple black skirt with a couple of pockets, for one’s order book and pen, hidden in a seam line.

Obligatory hand in pocket photo – “Can I take your order?”

Plenty of versions of this skirt have popped up on blogs and for good reason – it is a good pattern. It came together easily and I only really took it in a little on the sides and back for fit. I also added to the length. I’m not 100% happy with the straight waistband, but am still happy with the fit.

I used a stretch sateen from Spotty for the skirt. It looks quite creased here in the morning sun, but doesn’t look that bad in real life.

Pattern: Vogue 1247 – used before = Free
Fabric: .0.8m stretch sateen from Spotlight, purchased on sale: $7
Zipper: $3??
Interfacing & thread: from stash
Total: $10


While some stress about the size of their stash, for the most part, I don’t. Mine has grown lately, but not (yet) to an obscene level.

For me, having a stash enables me to sew on a whim and allows me to pick and choose projects as I please. Sometimes I buy fabric with a particular project in mind, but I try not to stress if it doesn’t happen. All fabric will be used in good time. No pressure – this is a hobby right?

So for your viewing pleasure, here are photos of my precious stash. This is it. Once it was fully contained in half of a Billy bookcase, but some of my precious silks and Liberty has spread to my vintage low boy and now the rocking chair also offers a resting place for pieces I’m contemplating using.

The Billy bookcase stash. Mostly knits at the bottom. Denim and wovens
on the middle. Light weight and swim suit of the top. All folded just for you!

The vintage low boy. Scraps in a basket, quilting cottons
and Liberty, silks and lace on the top left – Yum! Patterns in the drawers and small
baskets on the bottom shelf. 

Silk, lace and Liberty.

Coatings and others I’m contemplating using. Yes that’s Tessuti Gridlock – still un-cut!

For me, stashing always increases in the lead up to the school holidays. I headed to the Remnant Warehouse last week for some cheap stretch and lining, but also happened across these two gems.

Knit of mystery composition. Well, I can’t remember, but it’s wonderful! $9.95 pm

Polyester faille border print – this just screams Gorman to me. $7.95 pm
I don’t know what to do with either, but I love them both. Maybe a shift with the knit, but who knows with the border print…. Any ideas??
Happy school holidays! Here’s hoping the machine gets a work out!