Single Girl Quilt

This quilt is divine. But sadly, I didn’t make it.

I wanted to, but realised I probably didn’t have the attention span or time or adequate attention to detail to do so. Instead, I asked mum to make it for me. She has made three quilts for us now. One for Adele and two for the boys. This one is for me. Maybe the husband will get one next…

I purchased the fabric for this quilt last year. Most is Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy. Some is from the Denyse Schmidt Spotlight collection. I love the mix of fabric colours and I love the white. Mum even quilted this for me!

I’m so happy to have this on my couch for winter.

Thanks Mum!


I’ve been thinking about making some changes to my blog and shop for a while now. When I first started my blog in early 2010, it was to sell kids clothes. I picked a cute name, opened an online shop, set up a table at a local craft market and sewed away. This worked for a while before I changed to sewing bonnets and then selling my pattern.

This little side business has provided me with some welcome play money over the years, allowing the occasional indulgence while I studied and took time to care for the kids. These days though, I work in a real job and earn real money (well a teacher’s salary). Even the few bonnets that I have been making recently, have been horribly draining to complete. Seriously I’ve sewn hundreds and hundreds of them!

So really, the easy decision has been to shut my bonnet business. No more finished bonnets are available in my Etsy shop, just my bonnet pdf pattern. I know this sounds like an amazingly simple decision, but for some reason it has taken a while to get here and I feel an great sense of relief now that it’s done.

The next change has been to smarten up my blog.

I’ve slightly changed the name to reflect to core content on my blog and also installed a new blog design (from here if you are interested). It’s not too fancy, but it’s a starting point and I doesn’t have, nor need, any cutesy pictures on the header any more!

Finally, I needed to clear out all my bonnet supplies. But what was I to do with the fabric? Throw? Gift to kindy? Gift to my mum? Or sew one last batch of bonnets for one of my favourite shops.

Now I have a little extra play money to enjoy – to celebrate the end of my hand made business.

And every last scrap of bonnet fabric has been dealt with.

One day this will become a quilt.

Have a great week!

Planning Jackets

One thing I learnt last year, during my first year of teaching, is that it’s very cold traipsing around a shady playground in winter. Not as cold as Toronto in the middle of winter, but too cold for me. I certainly don’t have enough warm clothes in my wardrobe. In case you didn’t notice, I have plenty of summer dresses though….

To remedy this, this year I hope to add at least a couple of coats or jackets to my wardrobe. The rough plans so far:

A Tessuti cape.

I love my first cape and wore it a lot last year. I’m clearly not being terribly original with this new cape plan. I’m really just ripping off Leith’s style again. I wasn’t super keen on this deep navy, Marc Jacobs coating at first, but now that I have two pairs of slim leg grey and charcoal trousers, I know this will get plenty of wear. Hopefully this comes together quickly.

Burda 09/2009 # 127

While I like the Colette Anise jacket, there’s just something that I’m not sure about. Maybe the peter pan collar. I think this Burda jacket looks far more versatile and less cutesy.

It is drafted with 3/4 sleeves, but I think I’ll change them to full length. I already have some lovely dark speckly wool from The Remnant Warehouse that I purchased at the end of winter last year. I really like the idea of this jacket. Hopefully it happens.

Vintage Butterick 3814

This pattern was an Op shop score. I love the style of this jacket and think it would be a nice huggable coat on a cool day. The fabric was purchased at the end of winter last year on my trip to Melbourne. 

Clearly these are big plans. Probably too much for one person raising three kids and working four days a week, but I like to dream big. I’d be super happy to make at least two of these for winter this year. Which will come first??

Simple Stretchy Maxi Skirt

This skirt was so ridiculously easy to make, it’s almost insulting for me to post about it here for you fine sewing folk to read.

I’ve wanted a maxi skirt for a while. I’m keen to wear this to school on cooler days or when I don’t want to show my legs. I also tested this at a mozzie infested park on the weekend with the kids and it certainly minimised the number of bites on my legs.

The fabric was purchased from the Fabric Store at our last social. The skirt was a breeze to knock together. I simply sewed a flared tube to the approximate measurement of my hip, then turned the skirt inside out to shape from hip to waist by pinning, then sewing. The waistband is finished with thick elastic, zig zagged on. Ridiculously easy and super comfy!

Pattern: Self drafted = Free
Fabric: (I lost my receipt from the Fabric store! boo! I’m guessing the fabric was $18 pm with 50% off. I was charged for 1.8 meters due to a fault.) 1.2m = $10.80
Elastic: $1
Total: $11.80