Pomegranate Burda 06/2010 #118

Yes, I did it again! I found a pattern that I love so much that I made it twice in the same week, but in a different fabric!

I’m a little predictable like that. Regardless I’m still pretty darn happy with this frock.

Now you’ll have to excuse the out of focus pics in this post. I wrangled the husband into photographing the dress as we were running late for a party and he accidentally flicked the camera into manual focus and didn’t focus.

The dress came together very quickly, especially as it has been sewn and fitted twice before. Again I used elastic for the back, but this time instead of three chunky channels of 1 inch elastic, I used about 9 or 10 10mm ones. Basically I used the elastic I had in my stash. I think this dress would work well with a shirred back, but that would have required me to purchase shirring elastic, which I never have. The dress is a little snug to get on and I wish I’d have allowed more ease, but it’s OK. For a full list of the modifications I’ve made to this pattern, please check over my past two posts.

The fabric is a new Anna Maria Horner voile called Fine Feathered in Pomegranate. I love the quality and feel of Free Spirit voile and often jump at the chance of buying some of these more workable prints. I lined the skirt with some plain yellow voile that I had intended to line a tank, but it arrived in a colour that I couldn’t work with. Regardless, it has now been used and I’m happy with that. As you can see I played with the design of the fabric a little with this dress – cutting the waist band horizontally, the centre bust on the grain and the side bust on the bias.

I wore this dress to a birthday party on a predicted stinker that didn’t eventuate, but still it’s light  and summery and cool.

Pattern: Burda 06/2010 #118 = free
Fabric: 2 yards Fine Feathered Voile by Anna Maria Horner $28 inc part shipping
Lining: 0.75 yard of yellow Free Spirit Voile $11 inc part shipping
Elastic: 10mm $2.55 for the pack
Thread: $2.75
Total: $44.30

The Circus Comes to Town! Burda 06/2010 #118

There’s a story about this fabric. I purchased it from Spotty on our recent holiday down the NSW South Coast. We intended to pick up some printed muslin to make baby wraps for my pregnant sister, but instead, I found myself rummaging through the Boxing Day sale fabric. I couldn’t help myself!

When I picked this fabric, my sister asked what I intended to use it for. I thought I’d make a maxi dress. She warned me to be careful as I may end up looking like a circus tent!

So here’s the tent 🙂 The maxi was vetoed at the last minute. There was just a little too much wild fabric in it!

I used a pattern from one of only two Burda magazines I own 06/2010 #118. I’ve made this pattern before and I think I will again.

Like the last dress I made with this pattern, I added a band under the bodice to minimise the pregnant look. I also omitted the tiers as I’m really not a fan of that. This time I also added elastic channels to the back of the dress, rather than a zipper. This makes the dress a little more comfortable for everyday wear and allows me to eat anything and everything without any discomfort.

I really like this dress. It’s quite vibrant and summery. I have some of this voile in my stash and I think I’ll use it to make another. Just one more dress from this pattern should be OK. I might make it tonight to wear for the next 40+ day we are expecting tomorrow.

Pattern: Burda 06/2012 #118
Fabric: Cotton Poplin from Spotlight 2m = $8
Thread and elastic from stash
Total: $8

Mixed up tee

My six year old son thinks this t-shirt is “so cool!” I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or something to worry about….

When he saw the front, he told me he loved the bird on the pocket. Then I turned around to show him the back and he yelled out, “wow!”. Funny thing, I just finished sewing a dress and asked his opinion of it. He wanted me to turn around, then said he didn’t like it as it didn’t have birds on the back – ha!

I remember seeing some mixed up t-shirts online a while ago, possibly at Anthropologie. I can’t find the image now, but I guess this is my take on a mixing things up.

The pattern is self drafted. I made it earlier this year by tracing a cheap RTW t-shirt that I owned. The chevron and bird fabric are both purchases from Girl Charlee. I purchased a dress length of the bird fabric, but it is too light and sheer for a dress, which is a little disappointing.

The floral binding is a remnant of a piece purchased some time ago from the Op shop. I knew I’d find something to use it for eventually.

Pattern: Self drafted = free
Fabric: 1m chevron inc part shipping $10
Fabric 1m bird inc part shipping $20
Binding = free as it’s too cheap to account for
Thread from stash
Total: $20 and there is still a bunch of this fabric to make another item with. 🙂

Thurlows for real!

Yesterday was a stinker! What did you do? swim? beach? movies? shops? Well I did none of these things because I was too busy finishing my first ‘real’ Thurlows! Yep, trouser sewing on a 40 degree day. I’m sure the fad will catch on…

I feel quite nuts sewing trousers in the height of summer, but I’m quite aware of how time consuming sewing and fitting pants can be. Given that my work schedule will be quite busy this year, I figure it’s a good use of holiday time to build these essentials in my wardrobe. I currently only own two pairs of trousers, a RTW pair from Witchery and these ones, which don’t fit the best and the back tabs feel a little home-made for me. I certainly need more variety to get through the work week, especially as autumn approaches.

I’m quite pleased with how these trousers turned out. They fit well, they are comfortable and my style. However, there is still room for improvement. My next pair I will work a little more on the back leg creases. It isn’t too much of a problem and definitely less that my RTW trousers, but isn’t that the fun of perfecting fit just for you?? I’m planning to further remove from the back inside and outside leg to remove fabric excess. I’ll also re-adjust the curve too.

The fabric is a mystery roll end that I purchase from Tessuti way back here. It is lovely. Very drapey and smooth with a little mechanical stretch. Definitely worth the $10!

I had a little trouble fitting the zipper this time, which may have been my late night sewing, but I think my next pair I’ll use this Sandra Betzina video tutorial again, as I’ve had success with it before.

I also made my first welts!! I didn’t have the pattern pieces to make the ones Tasia had drafted (I think Rachel cut them and kept them with her tracings) so I used the super clever Melanie’s tutorial for single welt pockets. Considering I didn’t sew a practice welt, they turned out pretty neat. Now I do have a small confessional about these welts…. they are non-functional, purely decorative! I know that I don’t need back pockets. I don’t use them, nor do I intend to use them at any time in the future, but I like that welts and pockets break up the butt area. All I did when I came to attaching the pocket bag was that I only attached a backing that extends to the waist band. Easy.

My next pair is now cut and I’m hoping that after they are sewn I’ll have filled a troublesome void in my wardrobe for work.

Pattern: Sewaholic Thurlow -modified. Borrowed from friend = free
Fabric: Mystery roll end from Tessuti = $10
Zipper: $1.29
Thread and interfacing from stash
Total: $11.29