Denim Thurlows

I believe the summer of trousers is now over for me. This is my last instalment in this crazy out-of-season sewing bender!

I made further modifications to the Thurlow pattern with these trousers. The main change was drafting slash pockets, which are based on Simplicity 3850. I didn’t slim the outer legs as much as my last pair as I am a little worried about how the denim will pull when tight. I haven’t sewn flat felled seams or anything fancy. I’ve just sewn these as regular trousers, but with a jeans zipper.

I also re drafted the curve of the waistband. I found my previous pairs to peak a little at the back as I don’t have a standard waist or curvy lower back. To do this, I re-traced the waistband using the curve of the largest size of the pattern as a guide. I gauged this change on the height of the peak on my previous pairs. Luckily it worked a treat and I’m super pleased with the fit of this waistband. It’s certainly my best yet. My welts are better again, but I think next time I’ll widen them a little to just over 4 inches or so.

The denim was purchased from Tessuti during our last Sydney Sewists catch up and it was a dream to work with. It’s lighter than jeans denim with a good amount of stretch. It is quite over-dyed and even though I pre washed, the bleeding on my hands was insane. I’ll definitely have to wash them a few more times before I wear them to work.

Again, I’m super happy with these trousers and with three new pairs of well fitted pants in my wardrobe, I think I’ll have more than enough to last the whole year.

Pattern: Sewaholic Thurlow, used before = free
Fabric: 1.2m lightweight stretch denim from Tessuti = $27.85
Zipper: Jeans zip from Op Shop = 50c
Button & slide: 40c?
Total: $28.75

The Craziness of Pinterest.

Like many of us, I love the time-wasting enjoyment that Pinterest can provide. However, I can’t help but giggle about the fact that Pinterest has made this post, my second all-time hit post with over 15,000 hits!

Who’d have thought that so many people would be interested in a stack of vintage Pyrex bowls??

I’ve received many emails and Etsy convos from people interested in these bowls. Some asking for a photo of the stamp at the bottom (which for the record I’m having trouble photographing), others asking if there were more where I got them (no), their size (about 12cms in diameter) and others just offering me money for them (tempting, but no).

I’ve resisted selling them for now, as I think they’re cute, but thought it was about time they got used.

So with a can of mashed pumpkin from my sis (we can’t get this in Australia), I made pumpkin pies for dessert – YUM!

5 bowls, 5 family members – I think it was meant to be!

Naturally they were served with a good dollop of whipped cream.

Yum! Might go have that last slice now!


The Tessuti Valerie top. I swear Colette should have called this the ‘Christy top’. I don’t think pattern could possibly scream my style any more! Needless to say there will be many of these in my future.

There aren’t that many pages to stick together and the pattern itself comes together quickly and easily.

I don’t often wear higher necklines, but I love this style and the gathers are just awesome! Subtle, but a super cool and flattering feature. Just what I need for skinny trousers and pencil skirts.

I experimented with my photography today. In summer, my backyard is ridiculously sunny with just a hint of shade along the fence line. Where is best to take photos?? Can someone offer some advice or an opinion?

The only changes I made to the pattern was to slightly take in the sides, as there was a little too much ease for me and I used double fold binding as the fabric was very light and otherwise tricky.

This fabric is a silk crepe from The Remnant Warehouse. I asked Rachel to get it for me, so that I wouldn’t be tempted into purchasing any more fabric. There is clearly more room for fabric in my stash given my holiday productivity, but I want to save myself for our Tessuti shop-a-thon. Speaking of whick – Are you coming?

Pattern: Tessuti Valerie Top $10
Fabric: 1.5m silk crepe from The Remnant Warehouse $17.95
Thread from stash.
Total: 27.95

Petal Power Sundress

A little while ago I helped Marina of Wink Designs with some test patterning. Her revamped Petal Power Sundress is an easy and enjoyable make. The cute ties on the shoulders are just the right size for easy tying and wearing. I didn’t make the tiered version, as I didn’t have any coordinating fabric in my stash, but Adele loves this bold red dress. The bodice is made with this denim from Kelani.

I should note that the dress would be a little shorter if I’d have remembered to remove the seam allowance from the tiers that I didn’t use. This is what happens when you finish dresses late in the night when little ones are fast asleep in bed!

You can get your Petal Power Sundress here on Etsy and you can get 25% off until the end of January by using the code PETAL2 – yay!!!

Happy sewing friends!