Liberty for Little Miss

Another frock for Adele.

I made this dress a little bigger than usual so that it will fit next year too. It’s possibly a little too large, but I guess she’ll grow into it. I purchased this sweet Liberty fabric just for her, so really felt obliged to use it before she decides she doesn’t want to wear what I make for her.

The pattern is a from this Japanese pattern book.

Naturally Adele loves the dress. Enough to show some daring dance moves.

And her trademark ‘cool trick’.

Happy days and my school reports are done! Whoot woo!

  • This dress is a winner in her books. It's so cute.

  • Very cute – perfect for our summers. Adele's summer wardrobe must be nearly complete, you've made her some great clothes recently.

  • Too cute! Love that cheeky smile.