Sydney Sewists Social Success!

Well what a weekend! The Sydney Sewist’s Social was just awesome!

As Kristy mentioned, the conversation didn’t stop from the second we walked into Tessuti. Colette was lovely and offered a nice discount to us all and I think everyone, except Jodie, may have taken her up on this offer. (Jodie did have a great excuse though. I don’t think I’d be buying fabric the day after buying a house. Congrats again Jodie!). The Fabric Store was also a delight. I think I found three bolts of fabric within 60 seconds of walking in the door!

There were quite a few bloggers and non-bloggers that joined us for event. Here are the bloggers I have on my list. I think I may have missed a few – sorry! Please let me know and I’ll add you on 🙂
Jodie –
Laura –
Rachel –
Wendy –
Sandra –
Sharon –
Velosewer –
Anne –

Of the non-bloggers, many were members of the Stichers Guild who meet at Rhodes and Alexandria for sewing and fitting workshops.

In typical ‘me’ style, I didn’t crack out my camera until we’d lost a few sewers – sorry! Here we are at the Clock Hotel in Surry Hills for a beverage and chat. I’m taking the photo, so no me.

I may have purchased some fabric too. I mean, I don’t get to the shops often these days and really feel passionate about supporting local fabric stores…

These are three pieces from The Fabric Store and all are blouse length. The citron is linen, the spot is silk and the lace is a nylon or other similar fabric. 

At the top of this picture is a lovely lightweight denim with 3% stretch from Tessuti. It will probably become pants or clovers, not sure which yet. (I can’t seem to find this fabric online)
The ikat-like grey fabric is a linen/silk from The Fabric Store. I have pre-washed it but it doesn’t have much drape. I suspect this will be a shift or other fitted dress.
The dark plum/almost black fabric is a viscose stretch from Tessuti that will probably become a winter dress. I love dark plum fabric so didn’t want to miss out on this even though I possibly won’t sew with it for a while.
The bottom fabric is a small remnant of this stretch fabric from Tessuti. No plans for this, but probably just a tee or tank.

So there’s quite a haul of fabric here. It is possible that some will be placed under the Christmas tree for Santa to give to me 🙂

If you missed our Sewing Social, we are planning another in February. Leith mentioned that her and Rachel are thinking about coming to Sydney for a girls weekend, so we may have some southerners join us.

There was also talk about sewing up all of our purchases before the next sewing social. Given that I purchased the most, I think I really need to get on with it!

Happy Monday! I’ll be back later with a post about the dress I wore.

What will I wear tomorrow?

Oh the pressure!!

What are you wearing to our Sydney Sewing Social tomorrow? Are you coming??

I know I HAVE to wear handmade, but what will the weather decide to show us in Sydney? *UPDATE: B.O.M says 26 and partly cloudy. Def dress weather* Will I wear a dress? Will I wear a safer jeans and top combo? Will I feel too dressed up??

I have a dress that I finished today that I made with some lovely Tessuti fabric, but will it look a little weird or attention seeking to wear it tomorrow? I’m not 100% in love with the finished dress. Another lesson in tricky fabric design placement and a slightly stretched out neckline *sigh*.

If you’re free tomorrow, why don’t you join us? We’re meeting at Tessuti, Surry Hills at 12.30.

Ohhh the child free time!!!! I may need to help Santa pick me a gift!

I think I’ll wear a dress. 🙂

Liberty for Little Miss

Another frock for Adele.

I made this dress a little bigger than usual so that it will fit next year too. It’s possibly a little too large, but I guess she’ll grow into it. I purchased this sweet Liberty fabric just for her, so really felt obliged to use it before she decides she doesn’t want to wear what I make for her.

The pattern is a from this Japanese pattern book.

Naturally Adele loves the dress. Enough to show some daring dance moves.

And her trademark ‘cool trick’.

Happy days and my school reports are done! Whoot woo!


Fabric salvaged from the scrap heap. Left over from a lesson in why we shouldn’t rush into un tested, self drafted designs using expensive silk when we are sleep deprived, stressed and emotional.

I managed to scrape together a Sewaholic Pendrell, but the fit is off. The fabric had stretched from the previous mishap. This will head back to the scrap heap.

And a more recent and expensive meh.

This one is almost OK. The fabric is expensive *sob*. I’m not sure why I dislike it so much.

I love the fabric, but the satin sheen it has makes it a little too dressy for my everyday style. I also I can’t wear a regular bra with the dress and that bothers me. I guess I can salvage most of it though. Maybe a nice top would be more wearable.

These things happen…

On a different and more exciting note. Are you coming to the Sydney Sewists meet up??
C’mon, you should come!

When:   November 24
Time:    12.30pm
Where:  Meeting at Tessuti, Surry Hills then to The Fabric Store and a yet to be determined other location for more socialising.

Are you in? Naturally everyone is welcome – bloggers, non-bloggers, serious sewers, starting sewers,
any sewers or sewists – whichever you prefer to be called.
Tell your friends, re-blog the details, shout it from the roof tops! Everyone is welcome!