Sydney Sewers Meet Up!

Do you like fabric? Do you like sewing? Do you like talking about both to like minded people?? Well, I’ve been thinking… We should catch up right?

Kristy and I have been talking and we think a Sydney sewers catch up is long overdue. We’ve devised a simple plan to meet on November 24. As it’s central, we thought Tessuti in Surry Hills would be a good place to start, probably around 12:30pm, and we could possibly wander over to The Fabric Store too. Then perhaps a coffee or other beverage and chat somewhere nearby (any suggestions?).

Naturally everyone is invited – bloggers, non-bloggers, serious sewers, starting sewers, any sewers or sewists – whichever you prefer to be called.

So are you in? If yes, let me know so I can get even more excited about a day out and about with no kids!

Please also let me know if you have any ideas about a venue for a chat after our fabriky retail therapy.
Fiorentina Wavies & StraightsNavy Spatolata Pansy Rosso
Some of the beauties I’ve been obsessing over on the Tessuti site.

  • Oh I would so love to do this – but I think my husband has arranged to go fishing – I will have to see!
    I'm actually in Sydney this weekend and hoping for a quick cruise of these shops then 🙂

    • Sewbussylizzy, You'll meet a few of us at The Remnant Warehouse on Saturday if you get that far this Saturday.
      Have a lovely weekend in Sydney.

  • Oh I would love to…… not sure if I can yet though. Dance concert rehearsals that day….. when I know exactly what time I am busy, I will work out if I can make it.

  • Oh I would so be there but I'll be busily making a 2nd birthday cake. Weekend of Feb 8th Rachel & I are planning on visiting Sydney for a fabric shopping session. You keen?

  • I've been wishing for a Sydney meet up, and to meet some real life people who sew, especially some of my sewing blog 'heros' that inspire me daily (yep, that would include both Christy and Kristy). I also have been drooling over the Tessuti website for months but can't bring myself to buy without feeling the fabric so this is just the motivation to make the trek into the city. In other words, baring sick kids or some other catastrophe, I will be there. Very excited about meeting some other sewers and getting my hands on some decent fabric… (I'm in a non sewing wasteland part of Sydney and my only fabric store choices are Spotlight, Lincraft and Hobbysew)

  • Woo hoo. This will be a fun way to spend a Saturday. Thanks for taking the first steps to get the word out there.

  • If you accept the novocastrian (not really, just live there), I would enjoy to join you. I am never afraid of the 2.45 hours of train.

  • So tempted to hop on a Murrays coach and head up to Sydney for the day! Would be lovely to meet you all. I will have to check the schedule and let you know for sure!

    Thanks for doing this!

  • This sounds fun! I think I should be free that day, I'd love to come along.

  • As a sad, solitary, yet compulsive, sewer, I would love to meet some Sydney-based obsessives. Everyone else thinks I'm weird!

    The Surry Hills garment area is a bit dead at the weekend – the cafe I was going to suggest is closed on Sat arvo. If you want to meet somewhere a bit special, the Sparkle Cupcakery on Forveaux Street (Crown St is nearest cross) does amazing cupcakes (pistachio and cardamon, salted caramel!) and is open til 5pm on Saturdays. It is a 5-10 min walk from Fabric Store.

  • I will be there, can't wait

  • That sounds like fun! I'd love to come too, although I feel like I'm not really a "proper" dressmaker compared to the rest of you. But it would be lovely to put faces to the blogs.

  • I would love to go too!