Sydney Sewers Meet Up!

Do you like fabric? Do you like sewing? Do you like talking about both to like minded people?? Well, I’ve been thinking… We should catch up right?

Kristy and I have been talking and we think a Sydney sewers catch up is long overdue. We’ve devised a simple plan to meet on November 24. As it’s central, we thought Tessuti in Surry Hills would be a good place to start, probably around 12:30pm, and we could possibly wander over to The Fabric Store too. Then perhaps a coffee or other beverage and chat somewhere nearby (any suggestions?).

Naturally everyone is invited – bloggers, non-bloggers, serious sewers, starting sewers, any sewers or sewists – whichever you prefer to be called.

So are you in? If yes, let me know so I can get even more excited about a day out and about with no kids!

Please also let me know if you have any ideas about a venue for a chat after our fabriky retail therapy.
Fiorentina Wavies & StraightsNavy Spatolata Pansy Rosso
Some of the beauties I’ve been obsessing over on the Tessuti site.


Oh my! The little monster is three!

We celebrated her birthday yesterday.

This was the first year she was a ‘real’ girl. She actually wanted girly things like a Barbie cake!!!  

 She had her favourite yum cha for lunch – yum!

Cabbage Patch Doll – my choice, not hers – how retro!

 Scooter and helmet.

And three Barbies! What a happy girl!

So for the next two weeks, until Ollie turns six – I have a three year old, four year old and five year old, and I must say, things are finally getting easier.

Happy birthday Miss!

Cotton eyelet protocol

I’m just after a little input from my wise readers today.

I have this great black cotton eyelet that I picked up earlier this year from The Fabric Store. I really want to use it to make a Simplicity 2591, but am unsure whether to line the dress.

I kinda like the violet lining, but as usual, am worried about it looking a little too ‘crafty’ and naturally it will add bulk, which I don’t need in summer. If I don’t line it and just wear a black slip, the effect will be more subtle, but you’ll still see the detail.

What do you think? Fully line, or just wear a slip? Or another thought, should I line it in black to be more subtle and less craftsy??

Also what’s your opinion about scalloped hems? Too cutesy or OK?

I’m feeling a little indecisive today. Can you tell?

Lastly, I’ve received quite a few requests recently for my copy of Simplicity 2591. I’m not sure what has stirred this recent interest as the pattern is old. Unfortunately, I’m not ready to let go of mine yet, but if one of my readers has a copy they don’t want, I urge you to pop it on Etsy or Ebay. There are people in need.

Simplicity 1801 – Devil Fabric!

It’s sad, but I don’t love this dress. I’ve wanted to make it for so long, but really can’t think about wearing it. In fact, it’s taken me over 3 weeks just to blog it.

So the dress is probably OK, but the fabric was the devil to work with – silk chiffon! The dress seemed to take forever to make and was just nerve wrecking the whole way through. I was paranoid about ruining the fabric, cutting wrong, sewing wrong, just plain anxious. As it turned out, I had to re cut one skirt panel twice due to it being off grain and twisting.

The flat fold piping was also a little challenging to insert, as it generally always is, and the fit required a bit of tweaking, which I found as I sewed, as I didn’t muslin the pattern first – risky!

This is the best shot of the piping, which was intentionally very fine.

It’s funny, but when Sophie said recently that she was still happy with a garment that took quite some time to make, I didn’t relate. I often find that the more I work on a garment, the less I love it in the end. I think this is the problem with this dress. I often wear the simpler garments that I make most – tanks, dresses, simple skirts.

I made a few modifications to get this dress to fit, just a tweak or two under the arm and waist. Most nerve wracking, was realising the v neck wasn’t just low, it was downright indecent. Rather brazenly, and thankfully before attaching the waist band, I cut down the middle and removed about and inch, maybe more, from the centre front. The inside finish due to this isn’t the best, but I just wasn’t feeling able to pick apart a fully linen silk chiffon bodice.

Dress details:
Pattern: Simplicity 1801 $7 inc part shipping
Fabric: 2m silk chiffon from The Fabric Store, on sale $30
Lining: 1.5 m navy silk cotton also from The Fabric Store on sale $20
Invisible zipper and thread $5
Total: $63 Ouch!