Ballerina dress

Every girl needs a ‘ballerina’ dress, and I like them even better when they cost almost nothing to make.

One of the ladies at my mum’s quilting group gave this cotton eyelet to me via mum. I have another piece in white. She also gave me this pattern, along with a bunch of other vintage kids sewing patterns, so this dress has been made for almost nothing.

This dress was made with McCalls 3648 from 1988. It’s a simple drop waist dress with a gathered skirt.  I used an invisible zipper at the back as I had one in my stash that I didn’t need to my first Alma top. As the fabric is sheer,  fully lined the dress in a scrap of white cotton batiste, even using the selvage for the lining hem – cheating, but fast.

She loves it and I do too. Just a simple, sweet, girly summer dress and look at that scalloped hem!

Topiary Trousers

Technically these aren’t trousers, but I couldn’t help the funny sad alliteration here…

When I purchased this fabric from the Op Shop, I had no outlook for how it was going to be used. I only had a 50cm cut of fabric, so it was going to be for Adele. I thought I skirt might be nice, but given her tendency to swing her legs in a crazy fashion, rendering any modesty impossible, I thought shorts more appropriate.

She loves her pink striped shorts with topiary trees on them. The daycare teachers love them too. I hear they are going to be all the rage this summer. What’s that? Your kid doesn’t have any? Well, poor you!

Again, the pattern in the Oliver & S Puppet Show shorts pattern. This time I lengthened the pattern slightly.

With 4 new pairs of short, I think she has enough for now.

More of Adele week to come.

Adele’s Lucy Top

With thanks to Pinterest, I purchased the recently released Lucy top pattern from Shwin & Shwin. It is an easy pattern to sew and I think it’s particularly cute. I love the button front and the little tucks in the sleeve caps, which also make this pre-school friendly as kids must have sleeves these days for pre-school and daycare.

I made this with a remnant of linen from my jacket and lined it with a pink, dotted quilting cotton. I think next time I may even try binding it, rather than lining. Just to keep it more lightweight for summer. I made a size three, but may size down next time as it gapes a little at the back. I also didn’t add the pockets, just because I was in too much of a rush.

Can you believe I didn’t get one over smile from the kid during this photo session? Don’t be fooled by these seemingly compliant, happy photos though. Adele has been quite challenging this past week. She is really pushing the boundaries with everything and often tipping us over the edge, ending up being sent to her room or to time out.

Good thing she is so cute though. Here’s her favourite “cool trick” for you all.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more of Adele week.

Adele Week

There has been some crazy, frantic, creativeness happening in this room lately. Can you tell?

I can’t explain it, but for the last few days I’ve felt this incredible desire to make clothes for Adele. As I mentioned before, I haven’t done this for a while, but now I can’t stop! In fact I stayed up until midnight sewing for the little devil. Speaking of which, AWESOME night!! Husband and kids went to bed early, so I enjoyed a number of quiet hours sewing and enjoying a wine or two. Bliss!! I know I’m among friends when I talk on this blog, so I’m sure you can understand how wonderful those hours can be. My non-sewing friends would just think its insane to enjoy sewing alone on a Saturday night.

I now have a new mini spring mini wardrobe for the little one, but rather than show you in one big post (that frankly I don’t want to write) I’ll try to blog them all this week. I think I have enough for a whole week, which is why I’ve renamed this week: ‘Adele Week’. Are you excited?

Now I know that not all of you visit this blog for kids clothes, so if you are not interested, please feel free to come back next week. I have another finished item for me, made with silk, but will hold off until her super cute clothes (and horrendous over smiles) are shown.

Hope you have a good week. First garment tomorrow.