Big Plans

Like many sewists, I plan big. I’m realistic enough to realise that not everything will work or be started and finished, but still, having many plans allows me to choose what I feel like sewing, rather than feeling forced to start something that I’m just not that ‘in’ to.

Below I’ve outlined some plans for my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I wish I had one of those colour plans, but really I’m not that organised. Most of these items are styles that I like and colours that I’m comfortable wearing and that’s the most important part.

Simplicity 1801 made with silk chiffon and navy silk/cotton voile from The fabric Store. Both of these pieces were purchased on sale over the past year. I’m contemplating adding very thin, flat fold piping to the shoulder seam and midriff of this pattern, but am worried about the look. What do you think? I’ve pinned a small piece of piping to the fabric, do you think it’s OK?

The fabric is darker than pictured and the red does match. I’ve never sewn with silk chiffon and have spent a bit of time researching the best way to do so. This fabric doesn’t appear to fray too much and I’ve run a swatch through the overlocker and sewing machine and it appears to sew nicely. I’m contemplating underlining the dress, rather than lining the dress (the pattern is not lined). I’d appreciate opinions about this if you are knowledgeable with underlining or lining chiffon.

Freddie Vest – Fabric and pattern on hand, just need to make.

Burda 3/2012-106 – I have a piece of this crazy orange, houndstooth-like, poly stretch fabric for the top of this dress and want to get some black jersey for the bottom.

I felt incredibly inspired to make this dress when I flicked through this issue of the magazine at the library. It reminds me of the dress on this album cover, which I think might be a Gorman dress. At least I think it was.

Colette Clovers – black/grey fabric from The Fabric Store.

Simplicity 2215 skirt in pink/coral rayon twill.

Summer PJs made with cotton jersey, voile and Liberty

Tiny pocket tank with border print voile from Spotlight

Roxanne top, by Victory Patterns, with pleated collar made with poly satin from The Fabric Store. The colour isn’t right in this picture, it’s much darker.


Vogue 1306 variation with stretch mesh from The Remnant Warehouse.

Lace tank – pattern to be determined.

So yeah, lots of ideas and this doesn’t include some of the patterns that I happened to purchase at the Vogue sale

I’ve ordered my plans in priority and have almost everything to make all items on this list. Only one more work day until holidays!! Look out!!!

Adele Week. The End

Adele week seems to have finished with a little radio silence around here! Sorry. I had planned to finish two more items for Adele, but instead found myself swamped by work, struggling with sick kids (the real flu, not fake-flu-head-cold, which is seriously not the same) and sewing some bonnet orders. I also found myself outside quite a bit as the plants that I ordered online came a week early! These things never seem to happen unless you don’t want them to. So I spent three days digging gardens, preparing soil and helping the husband with a concrete delivery, all while trying my best to keep the kids amused. Seriously, going back to work on Monday was a dream!

Anyway, enough of this crap. Adele week finished with the purchase of a few new t-shirts.

At $3 a pop, it’s just not worth making them.

As I came home from Big W, I received a text from a friend and look what was ready for me to collect….

A big bag of hand-me-downs!!

Oh well. It has been nice sewing for the little one and now she has plenty of nice clothes to see her through Spring at least.

Only a few more sleeps until school holidays. Hopefully I’ll be back later this week with my Spring/Summer sewing plans, including my focus for the holidays!

The last skirt on a busy week

A simple skirt for the girl. I used my last strip of Heather Ross mermaid fabric, along with some white ric rac to trim this simple skirt.

The teller at the bank told me yesterday that Adele had mischievous eyes. I replied that it wasn’t just her eyes, she’s mischievous all over! Climing on the outside of the stairs is definitely not allowed in this house.

It’s definitely feeling like week 9 of the school term in this house at the moment and I am desperately wanting school holidays. I think I’ll have to make a list of priorities to avoid feeling overwhelmed by my dream sewing list.

Hope you have a good weekend.

Balloon Dress

Another dress for Adele.

Again, I used the Oliver & S bubble dress bodice. I wanted this dress to be more of an ‘everyday dress’, so didn’t make the bubble hem. Instead I added pockets and piping to the bodice. The fabric is a Sarah Jane ‘Children At Play’ fabric.

Actually, adding the piping was a crazy decision that may have been made at 10:30pm on Saturday night, after a few wines and after I had attached the skirt and half top stitched the lining (I’m generally too lazy to hand stitch lining, more so with kids clothes).

So at 10:30, I found myself ripping the skirt off, making piping and attaching it to the dress and re-attaching the skirt. Despite the alcohol induced decision doubt at the time, I know now that this was definitely the best decision to make.

The kiddo likes it so much, she’s decided to share another “fab” smile with you!

Thursday is the new Friday!! Woo Hoo!!