M6519. Blue Linen Blazer

My sew-jo has returned in full force – hallelujah!! I guess all I really needed was to meet up with a bunch of inspiring sewists, buy more fabric and get a day off work!!

The concept of this jacket has been brewing for many months. It started when I spied this Boden linen jacket. It was expensive and even though I had the money, I couldn’t part with that much, plus international shipping.  When down in Melbourne, I saw this beautiful duck egg blue linen in the remnant bin at The Fabric Store. I had to buy it!

I’m quite happy with this jacket. It didn’t take too long to make and it looks well enough made, not perfect, but I’m not perfect either.


I’ve used M6519 before on a yet-to-be-finished mustard ponte jacket. I used the wrong interfacing in the ponte version and don’t think I can take it out. I also found the ponte seams bulky and I really think it needs to be lined but I don’t have anything suitable in my stash and so it sits and collects dust matures.

The up-side to this UFO is that I had tested M6519 and was happy with the overall fit. This definitely fast tracked this more successful blazer.

I made a size 8, but modified the pattern, including:
 – adding a full lining, drafted with this tutorial and one from Sewaholic
 – adding small shoulder pads for shape
 – slightly reshaping the front lapel
 – adding buttons, which surprisingly work with this boxy jacket even though they aren’t drafted in the pattern
 – shortening and rounding the hem
 – omitting the self turned cuffs, opting to show the lining instead
 – drafting my own pockets with lining trim

I really like the sleeve style and length. I think it suits the fabric more than full length sleeves as this is a lightweight, warmer weather jacket.
The lining fabric is a Lisette voile that I picked up on Friday (my new day off!) from Spotlight. So much for a fabric diet!
Im so exciting spring is here. My mind is jam packed with warm weather sewing plans!

Project details
Pattern: McCalls M6519 = $7.99 inc part shipping
Fabric: 2m linen remnant from The Fabric Store $20
Lining: 1.2m Lisette voile from Spotlight  $17.95 (full price! ouch!)
Thread: $2.70
Buttons: $2.99
Shoulder pads: $3.99
Total: $55.62

On another note, after recieving 98 spam blog comments within a 5 minute period, I’ve decided to turn on word verification again. I can handle one or two coming through, but not 100. My apologies for reinstating this extra hurdle in the commenting process, but I needs to do it.

Hope you have a great week!

  • This is a lovely spring jacket. Your pockets are very cute…

  • Oh me, oh my!! Fabulous! I just ordered McCalls 6172 blazer pattern. Am thinking orange or red for summer…

  • Hooray for having your mojo back!

    This is a delightful little jacket – suits you so well too. Although I can kind of imagine you with a Boden wardrobe, I think yours looks prettier than the original!

  • WOW, it looks great! Lovely colour and it suits you so well. A lot cheaper than Boden too. 😉

  • This is lovely, you are so clever! I would have no idea where to start with some of the changes you made and it all looks fabulous.

  • Love love love it.

  • Great jacket. The colour will go so well with so many things in your wardrobe.

  • I love this jacket,and the mods you have incorporated. – especially the pockets 🙂

  • It's lovely – the lisette fabric works really well, but ouch! Can't believe the lining is almost as much as the main fabric. That always kills me!

  • Your jacket is sooooooo lovely. I love the colour and contrasting lisette fabric. It's such a flattering cut on you too.