Spring Darling Ranges

Have you ever loved a fabric so much that you’ve gone back and purchased it again? This Liberty tana lawn from Anne Tyrrell (I’ve linked to a similar one, the navy appears to be sold out) is one of those fabrics.

I used it originally to make this frock, but wanted something a bit more ‘every day’ with my second piece. The Darling Ranges dress seemed like the best choice. I love the neck line and there is just the right amount of fullness in this skirt for work.

I haven’t lined the skirt, so will need to wear a half slip for school, but I do that for all my Liberty dresses.

I still have to sew two more buttons to the waist area.
As with my previous Darling Ranges dress, the front placket isn’t functional. I’ve sewn the buttons through both layers to hold them in place. Only one button above and below the waist seam are functional. As I’ve run elastic around the  back of the dress, I only need to use these two buttons to get the dress on and off. I don’t see the point of wasting time and energy creating a fully functioning placket if I don’t need it and this looks slightly neater, I think.
As you can see I didn’t add the sleeves. This dress is for Spring/Summer, so I definitely won’t need them. I also slightly trimmed the armscye around the top and back of the shoulders, as I didn’t need it to be as full as I do with set sleeves.
I think this is my new favourite dress. I also think the fabric is entirely fashionable at the moment as the flowers have a hint of neon in them. Just enough for me to feel cool, but not too much to make it too neon.
Pattern: Darling Ranges Dress with no sleeves – pattern used before = free
Fabric: Liberty from Shaukat 1.3m = $30? inc part shipping
Buttons: from Op-Shop = $2
Thread: $2.60
Total = $34.60

Burda Dress with Knot Front

Right after I announced a fabric diet recently, I headed to Spotlight to buy lining fabric for this jacket and happened to also buy some lovely Japanese seersucker.Doh! It’s sad when you can’t stick to your own self imposed goals!

What’s worse. This fabric was full price at the time. Who buys fabric from Spotlight full price?? Well it appears I now do.

I knew that I wanted to make the Burda twist front dress with the fabric, so made sure it happened quickly to compensate for my lack of judgement.

Not much to say about this dress. It’s eats a bit of fabric with not much change from 2.5 meters. The dress came together quickly. I didn’t line the dress, so will need to wear a slip to stay decent.

Dress Cost
Pattern: Burda Dress with Knot Front #108 – traced from Library magazine = free
Fabric: 2.5m Japanese seersucker from Spotlight $37.50
Zipper: $3
Total: $40.50

Doily Overload

For some reason I thought this skirt would be a little less crappy than some of the doily/lacy fashion for girls that is available.

I concede I was wrong.

The pre-school teachers love it. So does Adele. I don’t.

Still a skirt is a skirt. The kid can wear it and that’s OK.

I’m feeling better today. No daytime snooze and I might even stay up past 7.30pm tonight…

5 Days

It’s been 6 days since the big plans post that outlined my ambitious sewing plans for these school holidays.

It has been 5 days since the holidays started for me.

I’m sure most of you thought I’d be smashing out garments at the machine, pedal to the carpet in a mad sewing frenzy, too busy to blog as I’m obsessively working my machine to create garment gold! Alas, such things have not been, as I have the flu! *sigh*

I’m on day 5 of the flu and starting to feel like I’m going to survive. I’ve already spent 4 days incapable of getting out of bed. What a crappy start to the holidays! But really, what did I expect. All three of my kids have now had the flu, so I was bound to get it. Sucks being a mum sometimes. Dads can dodge illnesses through distance, but not mums.

Anyway, I’ve managed to crawl out of bed today to buy flowers for our front garden. I happened to pass on of my favourite Op Shops and struck gold. I know there are a lot of vintage Pyrex fans out there – be warned – Pyrex porn below!

I have no real use for these delightful little bowls, other than to have them adorn my bookshelf for colour, but I had to have them.

Hopefully, *fingers crossed* I can get back to my machine and resume regular programming tomorrow.

I hope you school holidays have started better than mine.