Simple skirt

I’m craving warmer weather. I’m looking forward to spending more time outside, playing with the kids, not wearing tights and even getting some colour on my pastey white skin.


This simple skirt is a project saver. I intended to make a Darling Ranges dress out of this super lightweight denim (from Kelani and can also be found at the Remnant Warehouse), but decided it wasn’t going to look right. I think the denim needs to be a little darker. Rather than scrap the whole thing, I salvaged the skirt pieces, made a straight waistband and there, simple skirt.

I’m sure this skirt will come in handy during summer. Now I’m kicking myself off the computer to spend the night cutting in preparation for my day off work tomorrow.
Thursday is the new Friday! Hooray for working 4 days a week!
Fabric: Denim 1m from Kelani @ $17.50, but I wasted another 1m on the rest of the dress 🙁 so $35
Pattern: None used
Buttons and thread: Buttons from Op Shop – all of them for a $1
Total: $36
  • Good save on the fabric – will you be able to salvedge the fabric for the top, maybe something for the kids?