Despite the fact that next week I am heading to Melbourne for a sewing catch-up and fabric shop, I couldn’t help myself today and headed to The Fabric Store for their 50% off sale. I really wanted a particular fabric that I had spied on my last trip to the store and it seemed silly to wait until next week to buy it at full price. Unfortunately though, the wool coating I was after has sold out!! *cry, sob, sob*. Thankfully the very helpful staff phoned their Melbourne store to organise some for me. So I have paid for my yardage and will pick it up next weekend. Yay! So what is this fabric that I was itching to get my hands on?? Well I really want to make another New York cape and being the sewing stalker that I am, I want to rip off Leith’s version. Rachel already has. I’ll have to make sure we don’t wear it at the same time….

I also accidentally purchased a couple of other fabrics. Some charcoal/black wool mix, pant weight fabric for some Colette Clovers. I’ve muslined the pattern and am confident that they won’t need too many changes to get the fit right.

The silk chiffon pictured was also something that I spied on my last visit to the shop and with 50% off, how could I justify walking out without it this time?? I already have some navy silk/cotton fabric in my stash to line it. Now I just need a suitable pattern. I’m thinking Simplicity 1801. Maybe with some piping. What do you think?

  • Who can resist a fabric sale? That paint splatter chiffon is gorgeous. Cynthia Rowley Dress is Go!

  • I agree, gorgeous fabric and that Cynthia Fowles pattern would really suit it. Piping would be fabulous to show up the style lines too.

  • No, you couldn't have walked out without it – looks gorgeous and very you!

  • I too couldn't resist and was at the Fabric Shop sale yesterday! I wanted just one wool fabric for a skirt but came away with 2 merino pieces as well. I love your fabric choices…..I want to go back today….resist…

  • As I am the original owner, I have first dibs on when to wear it!! So glad you got the fabric, and for half price!! I resisted the sale. Love that splotchy fabric.