Simple skirt

I’m craving warmer weather. I’m looking forward to spending more time outside, playing with the kids, not wearing tights and even getting some colour on my pastey white skin.


This simple skirt is a project saver. I intended to make a Darling Ranges dress out of this super lightweight denim (from Kelani and can also be found at the Remnant Warehouse), but decided it wasn’t going to look right. I think the denim needs to be a little darker. Rather than scrap the whole thing, I salvaged the skirt pieces, made a straight waistband and there, simple skirt.

I’m sure this skirt will come in handy during summer. Now I’m kicking myself off the computer to spend the night cutting in preparation for my day off work tomorrow.
Thursday is the new Friday! Hooray for working 4 days a week!
Fabric: Denim 1m from Kelani @ $17.50, but I wasted another 1m on the rest of the dress 🙁 so $35
Pattern: None used
Buttons and thread: Buttons from Op Shop – all of them for a $1
Total: $36

Alma Blouse

When I first saw the new Sewaholic Alma pattern, I knew it was for me and I am not disappointed.

I love the neckline and the shaped hem. The darts and waist tie give the appearance of a peplum blouse, without being one and I think the style works particularly well with skinnies or slim pants.

I made view A with the regular set sleeves, not the gathered ones and trimmed them to cap sleeve length. I’ve realised that I generally don’t feel comfortable wearing gathered sleeves.

I made a straight size 6, grading up two sizes at the waist and it fits almost perfectly. I think I also added an inch to the length. I didn’t add the side zipper as I didn’t need it. I guess one of the benefits of being ‘straight up and down’, is that it’s easy to pull most things on. The only change I’ll make to my next version is to slightly raise the bust dart, but I should have done this from the outset as it is a standard alteration for me.

The fabric is a cotton voile from The Fabric Store. I purchased this on the school holidays as I didn’t think that I would have any work booked for term 3. But as usual, whenever I buy fabric for lazy days off work, I get booked for a block. I shouldn’t complain though.

I paid full price for this pattern, but am particularly in love with it and know that I’ll make it again.

Pattern: Sewaholic Alma $23 inc shipping
Fabric: 1.2m cotton voile from The Fabric Store $24
Thread from stash.
Total: $47

For the record. When I purchased this fabric, I purchased three pieces 🙂 I made my New York cape with one, this with the second and only have a third piece of fabric maturing my stash… I’m feelin’ pretty good!

Happy Monday!

Fabric Binge

A friend of mine has a very clever husband. He’s figured out the fabric buying code. I’ve thought long and hard about his fabric theory and I must admit, it’s true for me.

It’s all about threes. When you go to a fabric shop, you never buy one piece of fabric. You buy three. Occasionally more. I always buy with the best intentions to make it up straight away, a mini wardrobe, a pretty dress or some more, less exciting, essentials.

Then I go home. I wash, dry and fold my fabric. Then I make one item. It’s makes me happy.

Three pieces in. One item out.

Recently, I’ve realised the piles of fabric I have scattered over my sewing space will no longer fit into my stash cupboard. A fabric diet is the only solution to this problem…

Last weeks trip to Melbourne has set my stash level over the edge. I was very restrained, especially when compared to the two Rachels and Leith,  but still a diet is in order. The haul is shown below, because I know you want to see 🙂

Remnant from The Fabric Store. 2 meters of lovely powdery, duck egg blue linen for just $20. I had trouble parting with  my dollars at The Fabric Store in Melbourne due to buying three pieces of fabric the week before at their 50% off sale in Sydney. I plan to make a linen blazer with this piece, similar to this Boden one. Hopefully it will happen in time for summer.

I picked up my Marc Jacobs wool coating from The Fabric Store in Melbourne and it is so, so, so lovely! It is destined to become another New York Cape, but Sydney’s changing weather makes me think that it may not happen until next year.

The black and white spotted wool coating was from Rathdowne Remnants. All winter fabrics were 30% off, so this 1.8 meters was just $30 – bargain! Probably won’t get made up until next winter though.

From Tessuti, I also jumped on the Freddie Vest bandwagon. Purchasing the pattern and a few odds and ends to make up a vest. I plan to use mostly stash fabric for the vest, but picked up that copper fabric for the lining and double faced linen maybe for the front, but the colour of the linen is so rich that I’m temped to make it into a simple tank… will think more about this.

I also picked up a little more wool binding while at Tessuti, for a future cape. That stuff is so expensive, but I do like the look.

So yes, very retrained fabric purchasing, but this should be enough to keep me occupied for a few months.

So tell me – Are your fabric buying habits similar to mine? Do you often binge? Do you operate under the rule of threes – three pieces in, one garment out?

In other news – I’ve now signed a contract to work 4 days a week until the end of the school year. I’m so excited, that after over 10 weeks of full time work (which has been kiling me!) to have a day at home with the kids each week. Hopefully this will mean a little more sewing will take place!

Melbourne Sewing Meet Up

I’m back home again after a wonderful weekend down in Melbourne with Rachel. I didn’t realise how refreshing time away from the kids and husband and housework would be and I’ll definitely be trying to do it again.

The sewing meet-up organised by the other Rachel was pretty awesome. It’s great to put voices to the blogs I read. I also found that Rachel is actually quite tall and so is Leith. I think a few people will be coping Leith’s Vogue 1250 and Simplicity 2250 jacket, and I’m sure I’m not that only one who was a little miffed that Leith pillaged the Tessuti remnant table before anyone got there – tee hee Lara is a crack up (but I knew that) and Kat is lovely. Melanie’s coat is better than awesome and everyone  was lovely and clever and wonderful company. My blog reader is now much more full!

The shopping was also awesome. Shopping at Tessuti is always a joy and I suspect there will be a few Freddy Vests in blog land in the coming weeks. The question is, who will finish theirs first?? I picked up my Marc Jacobs wool coating from The Fabric Store and also checked out Rathdown Remnants.

We also enjoyed some traditional shopping. You know, finished garments and shoes – crazy!! So my half full suitcase came home stuffed.  For those subjected to my obsessing over charcoal jeans/pants – I found them! and they were heavily discounted!! Woo hoo!

Now, I didn’t take photos, because I’m not the sort, but this one is from Kat. She has more on her blog. Leith will post some soon when she gets her camera back and there will be a stack over here too courtesy of Tj.

So successful was this little trip and get together, that we are thinking a Sydney sewing get together might be on the cards. Leith and Rachel are keen to join us, but first we may need to dimish our stashes a little. Some grew quite considerably over the weekend.

So what do you think – Are you up for a Sydney sewing catch up later in the year??