MMM – The End

I missed last week’s MMM post, so this one is long. While I have enjoyed wearing me-made clothes this month, and have thought at great length about my wardrobe needs and sewing direction, I am kinda glad it’s over. It takes time in the morning that I consistently seem to lack.

This has been a mixed month for our home with horrible sickness, relatives almost dying and then being caught up in the Hastie Group collapse. Thankfully my husband has secured more work, but it has been a concerning week for money and work. Gosh it sucks being a grown up some times…

So the outfits.

Wednesday 16 May – Work

Belle Bow Blouse
Simplicity 2603 – I just realised I haven’t blogged this. Details will follow shortly.

Thursday 17 May – Work

Colette Violet in Liberty – I think I may actually modify this blouse to get more wear from it. I adore the fabric, but I don’t think I’m comfortable in a peter pan collar.
Modified Simplicity 3850 trousers

Friday 18 May – Play

Renfrew in merino knit
Me Made voile scarf
Adele wearing twisted bubble skirt

Saturday 19 May – Play

Simplicity 2599 with pleated collar
Voile chevron scarf

Sunday 20 May –  Play

 Jalie 2921 in merino knit

Monday 21 May – No Me Made photo.

Tuesday 22 May – Work

 Darling Ranges Dress in Liberty Lantana
Don’t you love Adele’s nasty day care clothes? I made that scarf for her too, but can’t find the post.

Wednesday 23 May – Play. Ollie’s sports carnival.

I was a time keeper and wore green to support Ollie’s team. As I don’t like green, I had to borrow a t-shirt from a friend. This is Ollie coming 8th (aka last!) in the 100m dash.

Thursday 24 May – Play

Renfrew in burnout jersey
Adele in cowl neck dress

Friday 25 May – Play

Self drafted jersey skirt.
Modified Renfrew in merino knit. This hasn’t been blogged, but I don’t know if I have much more to say about this pattern, except that I’m happy.

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May – Stress and play. Husband worked and I parented solo. Not sure what I wore.

Monday 28 May – work

Simplicity 2603

Tuesday 29 May – Work

Belle Bow Blouse
Modified Op Shop skirt

Wednesday 30 May – Work

Simplicity 2599 with pleated neck detail

Thursday 31 May – Work

Modified Simplicity 3850 trousers

So there it is. Almost a whole month of me made garments. Seriously though, I almost exclusively own self made garments these days. Maybe next year I’ll try to only wear me made garments, rather than only one per day. he he – yeah right!

Looking forward to winter tomorrow!

Village Frock

The Village Frock has been on my ‘to sew’ list for over 12 months now. Finally, it is checked off!

The Village Frock pattern from the now closed Sugar City Shop was one of those patterns that I was just gagging to get my hands on. There were so many cute dresses on show in blog land, but no patterns available.

That is, until I headed to last year’s Sew It Together catch up in Sydney. As I walked in the doors I saw Karen’s precious pattern right in front of me being traced off! I couldn’t believe it. My heart skipped a beat. The pattern that I had been scouring the internet to buy for some time was there in front of me.

Unfortunately I had not one suitable piece of paper for tracing. There wasn’t paper on the tables, and the programs were a little too small to trace the whole pattern. Thankfully Belinda just happened to have tracing supplies on hand. I quickly snapped them up and traced a size 2 and 3. Belinda, let me know if you want the size three. I’m pretty sure that’s why I traced it.

Anywho, more than 12 months later and the frock is made. Isn’t it funny that even though I had an insane desire to have this pattern, it took over 12 months to make…

Adele’s Village Frock is made with a super light weight denim from Kelani and Liberty for the trim.  I sewed the dress as per the pattern, except for the hem. Mine is scant and next time I’ll lengthen it further. I also think the neck binding could be smaller and should be cut on the bias, but I am still happy and Adele is too.

Happy sewing!

Jalie 2921

Gosh I’m struggling on the blogging front at the moment. I am struggling to get my hands on the computer, for some reason my husband seems to think it’s his too, and I’ve lost my blog-jo *sigh*.

Anyway, there has been some sewing and some recording of MMM outfits – though I have missed a few days. 🙁

Today I have another merino knit tee, this time with Jalie 2910. Like Kirsty, I’ve always hesitated in buying Jalie patterns because of the price. This pattern cost me a premium $20 or so from a seller on ebay including fast shipping, so I’ll have to make more than one top to get value from it.

I originally spied this pattern on Lauren’s blog and immediately started searching for the pattern locally. I’m so ‘in’ to functional sewing at the moment, have you noticed all the Renfrews I’ve been making? This looked like an interesting alternative and it has a bow and that’s soooo cool IMO.

I really quite like this top and it is finished and fitted really well. When I read Lauren’s comment about the clever construction technique used with this top, I was a little sceptical. But, well, it’s pretty darn clever and neat.

So another merino knit top and just in time for Sydney’s cold snap.

Pattern: Jalie 2921 $20 inc shipping
Fabric: Merino knit from The Fabric Store approx 1m @ $28
Thread from stash.
Total $48