Toddler Cowl Neck Dress V2

Last week, when I made this dress for Adele, it was almost 30 degrees. It felt a little silly to sew such a warm dress on a warm day. This week, Winter hit Sydney and it has been shockingly chilly (OK Tanit-isis – the weather def isn’t chilly by your standards. You’d still be waltzing around in a tank, but it is cold for us Aussies).

This is the second time that I’ve made this Heidi and Finn pattern. This time I did not make it before the school run, but I did make Adele 6 pairs of leggings like the ones pictured to keep her happy. My stash is now feeling a little lighter, with a number of scraps and a wadder now transformed into finished garments for the kiddo.
  • Cold weather is all relative. How I'd give to have an Aussie winter right now though. Currently 8C degrees in spring in Montreal.

  • The forecast here today is for a high of 17C… I'll believe it when I see it (but be very, very happy if I do!)

    … Believe it or not, I'm a pretty big winter wimp. The tank tops don't come out below about 25C, unless I've got a topper with them. My kids now, they're in their flip-flops when the snow's still on the ground…

    The dress is super cute but the leggings look even cuter! Doesn't it feel nice to get a bunch of practical stuff stitched up and out of stash? 🙂

  • All that stash busting feels good, doesn't it. Everybody loves leggings. The dress is pretty darn cute.

  • This is just the cutest pattern! And it looks very warm and cozy for a chilly winter day.

  • She looks so sweet – great pattern. Sewing from the stash is great and I really like cranking out leggings for my girls too.

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    Poppet. Poppet. Poppet. CNDI. XX

  • Super cute! Both the littly and the dress!