Toddler Cowl Neck Dress V2

Last week, when I made this dress for Adele, it was almost 30 degrees. It felt a little silly to sew such a warm dress on a warm day. This week, Winter hit Sydney and it has been shockingly chilly (OK Tanit-isis – the weather def isn’t chilly by your standards. You’d still be waltzing around in a tank, but it is cold for us Aussies).

This is the second time that I’ve made this Heidi and Finn pattern. This time I did not make it before the school run, but I did make Adele 6 pairs of leggings like the ones pictured to keep her happy. My stash is now feeling a little lighter, with a number of scraps and a wadder now transformed into finished garments for the kiddo.

Happy Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed a fabulous and relaxing long weekend. 

We’ve been from place to place to place.

 We’ve eaten chocolate, upon chocolate, upon chocolate.

 We’ve had fun.

And finished off with a little more sugar at the Sydney Family Show at Moore Park.

I’m looking forward to a little more normality tomorrow… well, without the school run.
Safe travels.

Broken Promises…

Two of my best friends sew. I can’t begin to explain how wonderful it is to have countless discussions each week about what you plan to sew, how you will sew it, how to fix something, what you would like to sew one day, etc. etc. One of the downsides though, is that these friends also understand the dark side to sewing. In particular, stash mangement or lack of.

Rachel and I had a discussion recently about our stashes growing at a rate far, far greater than our sewing output. We made a commitment not to purchase any new fabric until our usable stash was reduced by at least 40%. This week I’ve already purchased an awesome stash of vintage fabric. This purchase though, I believe, falls outside of our stash management commitment as the pieces were only $1 and $2, and seriously, how often do you stumble upon pristine vintage fabric??

Unfortunately, today I have further broken my commitment. I went to Spotlight for their 40% off sale.

I now have quilt backing fabric for the boys quilts. The tops are already pieced, so all I need now is wadding.

Cute, non-floral lace for a top (though I have nothing to underline it with) and some poly suiting to try to make another pair of pants.

Stretch fabric – poly rayon burnout, light grey/purple ponte, stripe ponte and wool blend jersey.

While this is quite a bit of a slip up, I’d like to think of this as entertainment for this school holiday break. I do have three weeks of time to fill with some sort of activity. Maybe the new commitment will be to sew all of this new fabric before school goes back….

On a different note: I’ve had two friends and my sister comment about my recent blog photography. In particular, the ‘awesome-ness’ of Liberty shirt dress has come into question as a result of this poor photography. I’d like to say that the dress is really awesome, but the photos do not do it justice. My sister pointed out that my lack of make up made the dress look worse – ahhh, family! So my apologies if you are offended by my make-up-less face or my poor indoor photography. I will make a commitment to all my offended readers to work to rectify these problems on my blog 🙂 (OK sis!)

I have also decided that even though I want to modify the dress to short sleeves, I will try to make 3/4 sleeves first. I think my judgement about the sleeve length might be a little off due to the weird warm weather we are enjoying in Sydney at the moment.

Happy long weekend!

More on the vintage Liberty shirt dress…

I think this project has shot up to the top of my ‘to do’ list.

This is the dress in its current state.

 Noice huh? If it wasn’t Liberty, I’m not sure I would have seen the potential.

This is the dress pinned.

Shoulder depth reduced, sides pinned, skirt shortened by about 30 cms to mid knee. What do you think about the sleeves? I think I’d get more wear out of this with short sleeves. They are quite volumous at the moment, so will need significant mods to reduce.

The dress is wool, so will be warm to wear. What do you think? Are the sleeves one modification too much? Or is it totally hot? I’m leaning to hot….

Sorry bout the dark photos – tyring to fit too much in today!

Thanks 🙂