Fashionably Late to the Pyjama Party

When Karen from Did You Make That? suggested a pyjama sew along, I jumped on board. I’ve been wearing my husband’s winter jarmie pants for a few years now and let me tell you, that look is not good!

Within a day of Karen’s annoucement, I had already made two pairs of jarmie pants and cut a third from some vintage brushed cotton that I picked up from the Op Shop. These lighter pants are still not made, as I really can’t justify changing my overlocker thread for just one item.

So these are my favourite pair. They are made with a mystery black and blue striped cotton knit from the stash. They are super comfy and don’t at all look like they belong to my husband. I’ve paired them with one of the experimental t-shirts that I made recently, this one from the Sewaholic Refrew pattern. I used New Look 6948 for the pyjama pants pattern. I can’t quite recollect why I own this pattern. It’s definitely not my style…

Now I’ve noticed a lot of peeps that participated in this sew along blogged cute jumping shots on their bed with their new jarmies on. Well, bed jumping is not allowed in this house and you see that fan above my head in this shot? Nuff said. So anyways, this is my martial arts pose – yah.

Karen asked us to share what we are reading right now and I’ve love to say that I indulge in sophisticated and challenging adult reading, but I would be lying. I read kids books. If not to my own kids, then to the kids at school. This is one of our household favourites at the moment. My kids are obsessed with poo, farts and wee right now. You know, “stinky poo”, “elephant poo”, “man poo”…

Then there are the poo jokes:
“knock knock”
“who’s there?”
“poo who?”
“poo, poo, poo!” *cue loud and OTT laughting by three kids.*

It feels good to knock over some super practical sewing.

  • Nice pyjamas, glad to see you read children's books too,,I've…read that one LOL

  • Love the ninja pose:) I am in need of a few new sets myself

  • Better to be fashionably late, than unfashionably late. Great looking PJs.

  • I love the Ninja pose!!!!!

    We have that book too. We have one that make pooing sounds, not sure if all copies do this or just ours.