Dreaming, progress, life and teeth.

Almost a week since my last post – quite a while on this blog… As you might have guessed the reason for a lack of blogging is that I have been extremely busy productive. My ‘Dreaming’ list is slowly being chipped away. BTW – I re-named my ‘to sew’ list my ‘Dreaming’ list when it became a little too long. There is more than this page.

Sorry about the bad photo, but it’s night time.

So what have I been up to?? Well…

  • I’m in the final stages of my second Darling Ranges dress, made with Liberty Mitsi in Grey from my stash – yum! I’m already planning my third!!
  • I have an almost finished mustard jacket made in ponti – are you intrigued?? Hopefully it will be finished soon.
  • I have a muslin of a winter coat made. I just need to cut into my lovely green/blue/blackish wool/cashmere, and
  • I’ve hopefully resurrected silk blouse…maybe. Fingers crossed.
  • I also have one boy quilt basted and one quilted. The boys really need warm blankets on their beds so these really need to be finished.
  • And lastly, I’ve started knitting again. This time a Sweet Peasy for Adele in a lovely dark red/orange yarn from Bendigo.

So, busy, busy?? Yes sir!

On life. Well, it’s good. I worked today and am happy.

On teeth. Well, it’s not so good. Oliver will be heading into day surgery on Thursday to have two cavities fixed under a general anasthetic and it makes me feel like the worst mum on the planet! The dentists – yes more than one – have said the problems have stemmed from a mix of things – snacking, food choices and brushing teeth.
Yes we snack – quite a bit. I do, the kids do, we all do – apparently it’s not good.
Food – we eat well, quite healthy in fact. We don’t eat lollies or other sweets, cordial, soft drinks or any overly sweet foods. Apparently sultanas can be a massive culprit in cavities in-between teeth We started eating sultana bran a few months ago….*sigh*
Teeth brushing with three kids so close in age is tough. Really tough. How does Retro Mummy do it?? There’s always someone resisting. Sometimes we drop the ball, more often it’s me as I’m the one caring for these kids the most.

Anyway, a bunch of painful $$ later and Ollie will have fixed teeth. Two steps forward, one step back.

In other news – it’s my birthday tomorrow. Bit of a non event really, but I’m looking foward to a fabric buying adventure in the coming week or so with mum to celebrate.

Happy Tuesday!

  • I bought the boys those cheap electric toothbrushes from the supermarket (approx $10) on Sunday and they think it's the best thing. They are asking me when they can brush their teeth!! Can't wait to see how all those WIPs finish up.

  • Cripes, teeth – I think genetics has a lot to do with it! We have been so very, terribly slack with mister 4y.o. yet his only problem so far has been a bit of tartar buildup. I was absolutely dreading his first dentist visit. Sultana bran? My kids have all eaten it for years! My kiddo with crowded teeth has the most fillings because I guess it's harder to brush well and food gets stuck. Don't feel bad.

  • Happy birthday for tomorrow! I hope you find yourself some real treats when you hit the shops.

    I totally know about the dreaming = sewing list… ah well…

    Yes, teeth are a subject for mother guilt! My 7 yo son had to have a baby tooth extracted under local a few months ago. It got wedged in place by the adult tooth coming up in front of it – and I hadn't noticed it was that bad! And then I got told off because I hadn't ever taken my 4 yo for a dental check up. Ooops. The evening routine for 2 let alone 3 is hard… don't judge yourself harshly, no one's infallible!

    PS on the About section of Retromummy she says "if I make it look easy then I'm sorry, I don't mean to" so there you go!

  • Looks like you've made heaps of stuff recently. Can't wait to see them. Remember- things aren't always what they seem on blogs. It's easy to show the good and gloss over the less interesting parts. On the teeth. I find it a challenge with three as well but I have friends who's kids have full on caps etc. so I do try as hard as I can. I ended up having a resin thingy put on my eldest (6 at the time) teeth at the back to keep her from getting any cavities there.

  • argh, do not beat yourself up. look at your commenters, it's common enough, and I second the genetics comment. I have terrible teeth, one of my sons has terrible teeth (he's 17 now, the decay has slowed down)but the other has no fillings at 15. Neither of them would co-operate for the orthodontist, and so neither has had their teeth straightened. Oldest got a stern lecture about how he'd have to clean his teeth properly before he could have braces. I feel your guilt. Let it go.We'll all forgive each other shall we?

  • Anonymous

    I loved your post and can't wait to see your WIP's. Cool that you got to work today. I hope you're still super proud of yourself for getting through the training with littlies. What a great inspiration you will be to them when they are older, especially Adele when she juggles everything that we mothers do. As far as the teeth I have statistically proven that four children given the same diet and equal amounts of over zealous teeth brushing followed by motherly teeth neglect (hanging my head in shame) resulted in three children with perfect teeth and one with multiple cavities. Of course in the interests of science I really should have a control group of another four children but hey, I love them but I'm not totally nuts 😉 Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow. Mwah

  • I have found that electric toothbrushes work a bit better for young kids that aren't really interested in brushing – they can be a bit pricey but are worth it imo.

    Don't feel too bad – our friends son had to have 10 teeth taken out when he was five! He was a complete lolly addict though.

  • Oh I feel your pain… I am yet to take my 4 year old to the dentist and I'm dreading it. I try, but like you – I find it very hard to do… Don't be hard on yourself.
    Happy birthday for today, I hope you're enjoying the sunshine and doing something fun. Look forwar to seeing your new projects.

  • Oh and I so know what you mean about retro mummy… I do not know how she does it… I wish I was like her… I put it down to her being younger than me, but she's probably just a better person?!

  • You have been busy – that machine must be smoking.
    Yay to having the needles out again – it is the weather:)

    Are you going to SIT???

  • Nice topic.