Could not help myself.

The problem with casual teaching, or sub teaching, is that you don’t get paid if you don’t work. Thanks to the Easter holiday, I have 4 weeks with close to no pay coming in – boo! – so am trying to stay away from the shops and keep myself occupied at home with cooking, cleaning, sewing, basically doing anything but spend. Unfortunately, this morning I walked past one of my local Op Shops on the way to the bank. “How harmful could one small look be?”

Seriously people, vintage – wool – Liberty – shirt dress!

It was in my size. I tried it on. I weighed up the purchase. It wasn’t cheap by Op Shop standards, a whopping $20. But really, how could I say no? It’s now mine!

I still need to modify it a little. It is from the late 70’s/80’s, so the shoulder pads need to go! I think the shoulder depth is a little too wide, so will take that and the side seams in a bit and re-set the sleeves. I also need to cut about 30cms from the hem. I’ll show you when it’s done.

Since the budget damage was done with this purchase, I accidentally stopped at a different Op Shop on the way home. “What harm could it do?”

Seriously people, massive- vintage – fabric – stash!

The were just putting out the entire stash of a local resident who had recently passed away. So much goodness, but I really tried to restrain my purchasing.

Vintage barkcloth fabric which I think was used as curtains.  4 pieces for $3!

Home dec weight sateen with pink stripes and topiary trees! Seriously for $1, I needed to take this home.

From top to bottom: twill, drill, brushed cotton and Hollie Hobby jersey. All at least 1m, some are 2 meters. All are vintage with smaller selvage widths than today. All for $1 a piece!

I also picked up a piece of black jersey and black spun polyester (well that’s what I think it is) also for $1 a piece. I asked if any vintage patterns accompanied this stash, but apparently they are yet to come. I think I’ll head back next week to see if any pattern goodies will follow!

The Op Shop gods are shining on me today! Hope you enjoy some thrifting luck too!

  • i am going to drop into the thrift stores tomorrow and see if i can find something wonderful! great finds!!!

  • slightly JEALOUS!!! the gods were shining!

  • Fabulous finds – it was meant to be.

  • FABULOUS!!!! Where is the world in Sydney so you live where you get these amazing finds at your local op shop?? Mine doesn't even have vintage patterns let alone cool vintage fabric stashes. Great shopping!

  • Lucky! Our thrift stores are seriously overpriced and usually very picked over. Liberty dress – score!! I did once find a Liberty shirt at the Sally Anne that is not my style at all, but I will use the beautiful lawn for something patchworky.