Fashionably Late to the Pyjama Party

When Karen from Did You Make That? suggested a pyjama sew along, I jumped on board. I’ve been wearing my husband’s winter jarmie pants for a few years now and let me tell you, that look is not good!

Within a day of Karen’s annoucement, I had already made two pairs of jarmie pants and cut a third from some vintage brushed cotton that I picked up from the Op Shop. These lighter pants are still not made, as I really can’t justify changing my overlocker thread for just one item.

So these are my favourite pair. They are made with a mystery black and blue striped cotton knit from the stash. They are super comfy and don’t at all look like they belong to my husband. I’ve paired them with one of the experimental t-shirts that I made recently, this one from the Sewaholic Refrew pattern. I used New Look 6948 for the pyjama pants pattern. I can’t quite recollect why I own this pattern. It’s definitely not my style…

Now I’ve noticed a lot of peeps that participated in this sew along blogged cute jumping shots on their bed with their new jarmies on. Well, bed jumping is not allowed in this house and you see that fan above my head in this shot? Nuff said. So anyways, this is my martial arts pose – yah.

Karen asked us to share what we are reading right now and I’ve love to say that I indulge in sophisticated and challenging adult reading, but I would be lying. I read kids books. If not to my own kids, then to the kids at school. This is one of our household favourites at the moment. My kids are obsessed with poo, farts and wee right now. You know, “stinky poo”, “elephant poo”, “man poo”…

Then there are the poo jokes:
“knock knock”
“who’s there?”
“poo who?”
“poo, poo, poo!” *cue loud and OTT laughting by three kids.*

It feels good to knock over some super practical sewing.

MMM ’12 – I’m in!

What is MMM ’12 you ask?? Well, for those who don’t obsessively follow sewing blogs, it stands for Me-Made-May 2012.

It’s a month long celebration, challenging us sewing folk to wear our creations. While some peeps choose to wear a handful of items each week and some will only wear handmade items (crazy!!), I’ve decided that my challenge will be to wear one handmade garment each day for the entire month of May.

So here’s my pledge.

I, Christy from ‘’ sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I will endeavour to wear one me-made item of clothing each day for the duration of May 2012. If I fail to wear a me-made item on any day, I’ll wear two items the following day.’

I’m super excited by this challenge. Even though I’ve participated in one of these challenges before, Me Made June 2011, this time I feel far more prepared and even have some t-shirts and jeans that fit the me-made requirements.

Now I’ve completed one of these challenges before, so I am fully aware of how difficult the photography side of the challenge can be. As you probably know, my photography on this blog has been a little crappy lately. It has never been awesome, but it’s certainly not good right now. During this challenge, the photography will probably slide further into crapsville. In all likelihood I will take all of my photos indoors and given that this is Autumn, they will probably be a little dark, but hey – it’s not a photography challenge is it?

Only a couple more days to go!

Darling Ranges Dress V2

I love this pattern! This DRD is made with Liberty tana lawn called Mitsi. I’ve been sitting on this fabric for a while, just waiting for the right dress style to make with it and I’m certain this is it.

As this dress is grey, I can wear almost any colour shoe and belt. This yellow combination is a little matchy-matchy, but I think it’s cute.

I made just a couple more minor modifications from my first Darling Ranges dress. I slimmed the sleeves down a little and raised the waist seam about 1/4 inch.

I’m very happy with this dress and plan to wear it during winter with a slip, tights and a cardi. I’m already planning my third version of this dress. How many versions of the same pattern is reasonable?

*Edited to add dress costing*
Pattern: Megan Nielsen. Darling Ranges Dress: Free – used before.
Fabric. 1.5 meters Liberty Mitsi from Shaukat: $36 inc part shipping
Buttons: $5.40 from Lincraft
Thread: $3.30.
Total: $44.70
On photos. I apologise for the crappy indoor pics. Not only is my point and shoot camera dying, but I am struggling to find photo locations in my yard now that the shade sail is down. My backyard is very sunny in the middle of the day, during nap time, which is when I get the chance to take my pics without the kids nagging me for something or trying to get in the shot. Every time I take photos in full sun they end up glowing. I only managed to snap a few bad photos in my front yard before being busted by some neighbours and hiding. 🙂 Hopefully once I get my birthday present, a DSLR, and learn how to use it, the photos will improve…. hopefully… *fingers crossed*

Dreaming, progress, life and teeth.

Almost a week since my last post – quite a while on this blog… As you might have guessed the reason for a lack of blogging is that I have been extremely busy productive. My ‘Dreaming’ list is slowly being chipped away. BTW – I re-named my ‘to sew’ list my ‘Dreaming’ list when it became a little too long. There is more than this page.

Sorry about the bad photo, but it’s night time.

So what have I been up to?? Well…

  • I’m in the final stages of my second Darling Ranges dress, made with Liberty Mitsi in Grey from my stash – yum! I’m already planning my third!!
  • I have an almost finished mustard jacket made in ponti – are you intrigued?? Hopefully it will be finished soon.
  • I have a muslin of a winter coat made. I just need to cut into my lovely green/blue/blackish wool/cashmere, and
  • I’ve hopefully resurrected silk blouse…maybe. Fingers crossed.
  • I also have one boy quilt basted and one quilted. The boys really need warm blankets on their beds so these really need to be finished.
  • And lastly, I’ve started knitting again. This time a Sweet Peasy for Adele in a lovely dark red/orange yarn from Bendigo.

So, busy, busy?? Yes sir!

On life. Well, it’s good. I worked today and am happy.

On teeth. Well, it’s not so good. Oliver will be heading into day surgery on Thursday to have two cavities fixed under a general anasthetic and it makes me feel like the worst mum on the planet! The dentists – yes more than one – have said the problems have stemmed from a mix of things – snacking, food choices and brushing teeth.
Yes we snack – quite a bit. I do, the kids do, we all do – apparently it’s not good.
Food – we eat well, quite healthy in fact. We don’t eat lollies or other sweets, cordial, soft drinks or any overly sweet foods. Apparently sultanas can be a massive culprit in cavities in-between teeth We started eating sultana bran a few months ago….*sigh*
Teeth brushing with three kids so close in age is tough. Really tough. How does Retro Mummy do it?? There’s always someone resisting. Sometimes we drop the ball, more often it’s me as I’m the one caring for these kids the most.

Anyway, a bunch of painful $$ later and Ollie will have fixed teeth. Two steps forward, one step back.

In other news – it’s my birthday tomorrow. Bit of a non event really, but I’m looking foward to a fabric buying adventure in the coming week or so with mum to celebrate.

Happy Tuesday!