Pleated skirt

There hasn’t been a lot of sewing happening around here lately. There are a few reasons why -insomnia, family things, work (yay!) and just not being in the mood. I thought once I quit my night job, that I’d be hanging to get back to the machine at night, but instead I’ve been training for the National TV Watching Championships. Is anyone else addicted to My Kitchen Rules? Or Homeland?

I have been enjoying a little moire yarn craft lately, but progress is always slow, so that sort of activity is much harder to blog about. Just incase you are interested, I am still plugging away at my crochet blanket, which I’ll hopefully finish for winter, and I’ve just cast on an In Three’s cardigan for Adele.

Today though, there has been a little fast and rewarding sewing, or re-fashioning.

I picked up this pleated skirt from the Op Shop today for $6. It’s a ponte skirt with an unusual permanent pleat. Naturally it wasn’t in my size and it was too long, but that’s nothing that I can’t fix.

In just one short hour, I’ve nipped in the centre back seam (along the pleat marks to hide the seam line) and sewn a shorter hem, and voila!

Perfect! Great length, great fabric for winter and very easy to wash and wear.

Sometimes the Op-Shop gods are smiling down on us!

Hopefully my sew-jo will return. I still seem to be purchasing as though I’m making. (Liberty!) eek!

  • You are so good at the op-shop thing! I went to my local (huge) St Vinnie's the other day and I just couldn't find a thing. I think perhaps I don't have the patience required to trawl through all that stuff to find the gems. Well done, looks great! And hey I've lost my sewing mojo too lately, haven't posted on my blog or sewn anything in almost 4 weeks. Eek, so not good…

  • Great refashion. I had a good op shop week too…shoes that will perfectly match a dress…only I haven't sewn it yet. They were only $6 for rarely worn evening shoes.

  • Addicted to MKK here too. First season of it that I have watched, it is actually quite enjoyable. I can't sew at night anyhow, I am usually flaked in front of the telly.

    Great refashion – I haven't opped in ages. You have opened my eyes, as I wouldn't really see much potential in a too long pleated skirt, but you have done a fab job.