Pink Checkerboard Cake

This isn’t a cooking blog, but I’ve been a little off my game lately and this is the latest story. I purchased this cake pan from the Op Shop last week for $2. I’m normally quite rational with Op Shop purchases. “Do I really need it?” swirls around in my head while I contemplate every purchase, but my husband (yes, he came to the Op Shop with all three kids) thought it was a good buy.

Yep, just what I needed. How retro! This is my version, with just food colouring. My husband made me change his shirt buttons to start his new job, but I’m not sure how easy it is to hide bright pink cake in the lunch shed! ha ha ha!

I wish I had enough batter to make the three tiered version, but ran short. Still it was delicious.

The little monster enjoying the cake.

In other non-sewing related news:

  • School drop-offs make the day incredibly short, but Ollie still loves it,
  • Adele is kinda toilet training. In the sense that she gets my undivided attention all day, then the second I turn my back she wees on the carpet or lounge. ewwww!
  • James is loud. Louder than ever before. Poor middle child!

We have also decided that I will give Ollie another week or so more to settle into school before I start looking into getting work. Normally I’d be cheering with this extra kiddie free time, but I’ve lost my sew-jo and surprisingly, am a little sad about Ollie being at school. The day is so short! How will I ever survive working in those tiny hours?

Anyway, in other sewing related news, I have finished a Rooibos. Hopefully the kids will let me take photos for you tomorrow.

Hope you are enjoying your time at your machine!

A few fizzers

While sometimes the whole sewing thing can produce hugely successful garments, like my recent red ruffle dress, which is definitely one of the best things I’ve sewn. It can also produce a huge number of fizzers or wadders. I’ve had a few recently. They are haunting me. I’m hoping by writing about them, by coming clean to my lovely readers, that I can gain some closure on these fails and pop them in the bin, to be forgotten about forever. Hopefully then, I’ll be inspired to get back to my machine and create again.

Vintage Vogue 8728

I didn’t want my first fail at this pattern to get the better of me, but my second attempt also hasn’t made me happy. I made a SBA by cutting the smallest size available in the envelop, then removing about an inch from the top centre of the bodice, as there was no way my bust was going to fill this part of the dress. These modifications worked successfully, but now I realise that the style itself isn’t me. I love the picture, I love the design, I love it on other people, but I know that it’s not me. The fabric is also a little scratchy. Maybe it has some ramie in the blend. I’m not going to cry over this one. It needs to be binned.

Self drafted pattern with expensive silk

I’m not going to lie. I did cry when this one failed. I was clearly being way to ambitious with this garment. I intended to make a princess seam blouse with a neck ruffle, but it wasn’t meant to be. Live and learn. I need to get these scraps out of my sewing space so this memory stops haunting me!

These next two are from last year, but just so I can finally get rid of them from my sewing space, here they are.

New Look 6697

The fabric was a little tricky to work with and it has been finished to an adequate standard, but the neck gapes so much that it is indecent. I could fix it, but my heart just isn’t in it. To the bin, I say!

Self drafted pattern with silk cotton fabric

Unfortunately this fabric was a little pricey, so the fizzer feels even worse. While the dress itself if OK, the fabric was a little too lightweight for a dress and I should have recognised that. Again, I just need it to stop haunting me. The fabric pieces are too small to re-purpose, so I need to bin it.

So there you go, fizzers always go with success stories. Hopefully by clearing these out, I can finally get back into sewing again. I need to start something fresh. Something exciting. Something challenging. Something I’m interested in. What will it be?

I hope you are enjoying your time at the machine. Fingers crossed that I get inspired soon!

Oh Typo!

It’s not very often that chain stores recognise us crazy sewing types, but Typo does. This is the latest sewing knick knack I’ve picked up from the store.

 Can you guess what’s on my autumn sewing list?

A pencil holder, or sewing knick knack holder, that looks like an over sized thread spool! LOVE it!

It goes perfectly with my “Sew Happy” canvas tile that my sister bought me – thanks Sam!

And my laser cut vintage sewing machine, wooden wall decal. Love, love, love!

The thread spool broke off, but I still love it.

Thanks Typo. Makes me sew happy 🙂

Advance 6120

This dress pattern, from 1951, looks so cute on the pattern envelop.

But it did not work for me.

Maybe it was the cheap fabric, a stretch poplin from Spotlight, that let it down or maybe the pattern. The bodice originally turned out horrible. The sleeves were huge, the arm holes gaped to an indecent level and the amount of ease was ridiculous. I scaled the bodice down quite considerably, using Vintage Simplicity 3461 as my guide, but still this isn’t right. By accident, I also hemmed the skirt a little too short, which has ruined it further.

Oh well, it was an interesting experiment, but since it will never be worn, I’ve already reused the zipper.

Pattern: $15?? from Etsy
Fabric: $10?? Spotlight on sale.
Thread: from stash
Zipper: zero cost – already recycled into Simplicity 6446
Total: $25