Can sew complicated garments. Can not sew neat zippered pouches.

The kids desperately wanted ‘wallets’ to keep all of their money. I made these last night. They are not neat or well made. They are fudged together very poorly.

 But the kids are happy. I don’t think they realise that dodgy handmade zippered pouches are not really cool.

Speaking of pocket money, this week Ollie had his first experience with money without me to guide him through the process. I gave him some pocket money for cleaning up the toys. He took it to school to spend at the tuck shop. He purchased a jelly cup and ice block for himself. Apparently he also purchased ice blocks for his two ‘friends’, but he doesn’t know their names and they are not in his class. Poor kid got ripped off. He doesn’t realise though. I think next time I’ll write him a lunch order.

My sew-jo is slowly coming back. Might go hit the machine now – yay!

  • Oh, darling boy at the tuck shop! It's hard isn't it when they don't really know the value of money or how it all works. And those zippered pouches are cool. Really.

  • Brilliant. Nothing better from the heart daggy-uncool for skool love.

  • try using a zipper longer than you need. At the side seams just sew over the zipper and then trim off the excess. The outside will look great.

  • So cute that they love your zipped pouches! and of course dodginess is often overly magnified in the eyes of the creator.