I purchased this fabric years and years ago, always intending to make a skirt from it. I don’t think I really thought about the purchase much. The colours aren’t exactly what I would normally wear and the fabric design, well, I feel like I’m a moving target!

Regardless, this yard of fabric is no longer in my stash and is now technically a wearable item. It is also comfortable and should be easy to care for.

I used my Collette Meringue pattern, minus the scallops, as I find this such a well fitting skirt. The fabric is an old Anna Maria Horner home dec fabric and I squeezed this skirt from just one yard of fabric, which normally would be plenty for a skirt, but the fabric matching proved quite challenging. I’ve sewn a very scant hem to allow this length. I’m completely obsessed with my invisible hem foot on my machine these days. Up until recently it always looked too tricky to use, but really it just takes a few minutes with your sewing machine manual to figure out, and the results are amazing and super fast.

I hope you are enjoying a little stash busting. My stash is currently maturing in my cupboard, waiting for the right time to crack into it. It’s good to see a little progress is being made though.

Happy Sewing!


Can sew complicated garments. Can not sew neat zippered pouches.

The kids desperately wanted ‘wallets’ to keep all of their money. I made these last night. They are not neat or well made. They are fudged together very poorly.

 But the kids are happy. I don’t think they realise that dodgy handmade zippered pouches are not really cool.

Speaking of pocket money, this week Ollie had his first experience with money without me to guide him through the process. I gave him some pocket money for cleaning up the toys. He took it to school to spend at the tuck shop. He purchased a jelly cup and ice block for himself. Apparently he also purchased ice blocks for his two ‘friends’, but he doesn’t know their names and they are not in his class. Poor kid got ripped off. He doesn’t realise though. I think next time I’ll write him a lunch order.

My sew-jo is slowly coming back. Might go hit the machine now – yay!

Yo Gabba Gabba!

A friend of mine recently stocked up on Yo Gabba Gabba! fabric to make a few goodies for her Gabba obsessed kids. She was heavily pregnant at the time of this purchase. She has since had her third baby and now, so the story goes, is just a little too busy up to make her kids any of the goodies she intended. To ensure at least some things were made this side of their Gabba obsession, I offered my sewing services. Sometimes I can be a little less selfish with me sewing time.

After todays very, very short lunch naps *sigh*, Elva now has a simple peasant style dress made with some rather wild Gabba fabric. I used the Heidi and Finn Sweet Dress pattern (similar to this one).

What can I say, it’s fast, it’s easy, it has sleeves, so is suitable for daycare (sun protection) and it looks good.

I also whipped up a simple ribbon edged skirt with this vibrant fabric.

For those peeps who don’t have kids, or haven’t heard of Yo Gabba Gabba, this is what I’m talking about…

I think I feel my sew-jo slowly returning… *fingers crossed*

Pleated skirt

There hasn’t been a lot of sewing happening around here lately. There are a few reasons why -insomnia, family things, work (yay!) and just not being in the mood. I thought once I quit my night job, that I’d be hanging to get back to the machine at night, but instead I’ve been training for the National TV Watching Championships. Is anyone else addicted to My Kitchen Rules? Or Homeland?

I have been enjoying a little moire yarn craft lately, but progress is always slow, so that sort of activity is much harder to blog about. Just incase you are interested, I am still plugging away at my crochet blanket, which I’ll hopefully finish for winter, and I’ve just cast on an In Three’s cardigan for Adele.

Today though, there has been a little fast and rewarding sewing, or re-fashioning.

I picked up this pleated skirt from the Op Shop today for $6. It’s a ponte skirt with an unusual permanent pleat. Naturally it wasn’t in my size and it was too long, but that’s nothing that I can’t fix.

In just one short hour, I’ve nipped in the centre back seam (along the pleat marks to hide the seam line) and sewn a shorter hem, and voila!

Perfect! Great length, great fabric for winter and very easy to wash and wear.

Sometimes the Op-Shop gods are smiling down on us!

Hopefully my sew-jo will return. I still seem to be purchasing as though I’m making. (Liberty!) eek!