Christmas protocol: a question.

So I have been thinking about asking Santa to bring Adele a small toy crib as she is quite obsessed with playing with dolls, which still seems so strange to me as we are more used to cars and super hero’s in this house. At the moment, her dolls are put to bed in beer boxes, toy boxes, arm chairs or any other box or cushioned location.

She is not particularly articulate yet, except with her demands for yollies (lollies) and biscuits, so I felt it was my responsibility to put forward this request to Santa.

Last night, when driving to work, I stumbled upon this little treasure on the side of the road.

It appears barely used. No scratches, no chips, just a little dust.

So I’m keen to hear from you, does Santa find toys on the side of the road, or is that just a bit scabby?

Interestingly, the toy crib also contained a packet of unopened spoke decorations, which will go perfectly on the bikes that I think Santa will bring the boys.

Fate?? I think so!