I’m not a quilter, but I’m currently making a quilt.

This week, in between making bonnets, I’ve been trying to finish this massive quilt for my bed and it’s been hard, forcing myself to make this. You see, while I do love having quilts in my house and I love picking fabric, I don’t love making them. They take a long time and the whole quilting part is tricky, especiallly when your trying to shove half of a quilt through the arm of the machine while trying to keep the stitching neat.

Hopefully once this is finished I’ll have a little clarity in relation to what garment to make next. I’m feeling totally overwhelmed by my ‘to sew’ list and my growing stash.

Shop Update

My poor little shop has been so neglected lately.

If if weren’t for my bonnet pdf pattern, I fear this little space on Etsy may have fallen off the “shop local” listings for Australia.

New designs are now available with more being added over the next week. Which designs will I keep for Adele this summer?? I quite like the DS Quilts fabrics above…

I must say I am struggling just a little with the bonnnet biz this year. Last year I was driven. This year I’m a little tired.

I’m sure it will pass.

In other great news, I’ve now booked two casual teaching days!! Needless to say, I am very happy!

O & S Bubble Dress Variation

After recently tracing the Oliver & S Bubble Dress pattern for another yet-to-be-blogged dress, I remembered how much I love the shape of the bodice and how appropriate this dress would be for summer, with its built in cap sleeves.

For this variation, I’ve simply cut the bodice, then extended the side seams down to a dress length. I created facings with the original pattern piece. As my version of this pattern only goes to the 18-24 month size, I sewed this with 1/4 inch seam allowances. The 18-24 month size would still fit Adele, but I am hoping to get next year out of this dress too.

To make the dress construction super fast, I omitted all the buttons and nice closure details on the back,  and just added a button and loop.

The fabric is a little bit posh, originally from Tessuti (no longer available it seems), but given to me by Rachel (So happy to have generous friends that sew!). She made a lovely summer skirt with this fabric and this was a very generous sized remnant.