Super Shorts

I often take my kids fabric shopping with me. They rarely show any interest in anything in fabric shops. Recently though, they spied some fancy fabric at My Hung. At $21 per meter, it was more expensive than I’d  normally pay for cotton fabric for kids, but  it was super hero fabric and they LOVE super heros right now. Well actually they are obsessed with superheros. Really, really obsessed.


They now both have ‘super’ shorts, featuring cool Marvel comic, Superman fabric. They are both very happy, even though only one kiddo would allow me to take his photo today. Although, the only good photo which is above, was taken while I was holding his ankle to keep him still. The rest are bad action shots.

I possibly need a new camera.

The shorts are based on the Oliver & S sandbox pants pattern, but I cut front pockets rather than the patch pockets and omitted some of the fiddly detail like the back pocket button and front tie.

As the fabric was so exey, I only purchased a 70cm cut to make a pair of shorts for both boys. With the contrast band and pockets made from fabric from the stash and sewing scant hem, this amount of fabric worked well and only cost $13.30 after a small discount. I guess they are still cheaper than store bought shorts.

I think you buy similar fabric from for less than $8 per yard, but your kids have to be willing to wait for it to arrive. My American followers probably don’t realise how good they’ve got it with the super cheap fabric they can buy.

  • Oh fantastic!! Use the scraps as birthday cards (iron on double sided adhesive, voila, boys birthday cards sorted). Worth every cent of your $21/m fabric.
    New camera or slower children?? Love Posie

  • I love your ankle technique! Very good! The shorts look very cute and obviously, super heroes are too fast for cameras. I dont know if a camera is the solution, although maybe try the sports mode, but I'm with Posey, slower kids!

  • They are super cute! And if the kids are super-happy, that's a double-extra-win.

    Also, I totally want to make my husband a shirt from fabric like that. Although given that he'd probably wear it exactly three times, I am waiting until I stumble upon it for less than $21/m. Which so far hasn't happened yet…

  • Had to laugh. Just bought the sandbox pattern off so I can make the pants for my twins in denim. It will be hard to give up the cheap fabric and pattern fixes when I get back to Australia in a few years.

  • Great minds think (and shop) alike!! I got the same fabric from My Hung this week!! They were so worried that I wouldn't want it after I found out how much it was!! But I agree…totally worth it!!

  • Never mind the wait from, I find the shipping is a bit exxy. I normally try and uy with others to share the shipping cost.