My mother in law used to buy me nice PJs for my birthday and Christmas. I was always appreciative of these gifts as I loathe spending money on clothes you don’t wear out. Since her stroke 2 years ago, no one has bought me PJs and all the jarmies that I still have are becomming too indecent, even to wear around the house.

This  nighty was made with some Liberty that I’d purchased to fill my cart, but when I arrived I knew I couldn’t pull it off in an outfit.

The pattern is from this Japanese pattern book, not sure of the name (ISBN978-4-8347-2548-3). As my overlocker and I aren’t on speaking terms right now, I sewed french seams throughout.

I feel very posh now that I own a nighty made of Liberty!

These pants were made with some cotton poplin from stash which is left over from way back when I used to sell kids clothes at markets. I think I picked it up for about $2 per meter and I still have over 2 meters left. The patten is New Look 6948. They are also light and comfy.

More functional sewing should follow. We are running out of hand-me-downs for Adele, so I probably need to knock up some skirts and shorts for her.

Hope you have a good week and happy sewing!

  • Gorgeous PJs pants/nightie for summer. Lovely!

    Hope you and your overlocker make up soon.

  • How luxurious to have a liberty nightie! They are lovely pjs.

  • Lovely pjs. I like having nice jammies, but i don't have any in Liberty yet. very luxurious!