Downsizing and a good husband

How much sewing stuff do you own? Think about all the fabric, haberdashery supplies, machines, thread, books, patterns, gadgets, everything. I didn’t think I owned a lot, until I had to move it.

Not all the stuff…

Thankfully, and very much surprisingly, my husband didn’t comment once on the quantity of stuff.

More in Adele’s room

I think I may have mentioned that we’ve been moving rooms in our house. I’ve been rather spoilt these last few years, enjoying a massive sewing area to work in. Seriously, a whole 40 square meters or so of space, just for sewing and housing an unused spare bed. Jealous??

I’ll need to organise to re claim my laundry baskets

Don’t worry, I’ve been put in my place now. My space is now a modest sized, single bedroom on the dark side of the house.

Even my sewing table has shrunk from a regular dining table, to a much smaller vintage kitchen table.

More books.

I’m not sure how much sewing will be taking place these next few days as I organise this stuff.

Storage furniture waiting to be filled.

I think I really need to clean out some of the crap that I really don’t need. It’s not like I’ve bought it all. A lot has been given to me and many things were picked up from the Op Shop for a few dollars or less.

Vintage dresser found on the side of the road, in need of a clean and minor repair

So tell me, make me feel better, do you have the same amount of sewing crap?? Or is your stuff so manageable that you wouldn’t need to worry about moving it? Please tell me I’m not the only one!

New Look 6025 – a very generous fit

I’m pretty happy to report that I’ve already cut into my Spotlight fabric. I purchased this rayon, which I’m still undecided if I like, to make another Pendrell blouse and the lovely sales person decided to throw in the end of the roll for me. So for the cost of an 80cm cut, I received a little over 2 meters – score!

New Look 6025 is a simple top pattern with different sleeve variations, which is far more generously sized than I thought it would be. Looking at the envelop image though, I should have realised it was big. I cut a size 8, the smallest in the envelop, and I think it would be hard to wear without an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. It is very , very low cut and the sleeves are huge.

Massively gaping sleeves!

I certainly don’t think this quick sew was a waste of time though. After finishing the top I realised that simply modifying the shoulder seams, sewing them a little more generously than you are supposed to, would raise the neckline and solve the gaping sleeve issue.

This is the same top with the shoulder seams pinned an extra inch and a half. Perfect! Now the next time I make this I’ll just need to trim 1.5 inches from the front and back shoulder, and modify the neck binding to fit. Easy peasy!

It’s a disease

Rachel always says that sewing, and it’s ‘spendy’ cousin, stashing, is like a disease. Even though I don’t need anything, I still found myself at Spotlight today, with three kids in tow, to take advantage of their 40% off fabric sale. I walked away with a healthy pile of fabric to add to my ever-growing stash. It’s so hard to fight it!

In addition to two stretch sateens that I’ve been eyeing off for a while (second and third bottom), I also now have two knits to experiment with (top two), some rayon that I may have already been playing with (third from top) and some black twill and gaberdine for various pants and skirts that I’ve been toying with making.

I really must get to the machine. I’m still waiting for the husband to move it and the rest of my sewing supplies into my new space after all the room shuffling that’s been happening around here.

Have you been tempted by the Spotlight or Lincraft sales recently?? Please tell me it’s not just me!

Fast Sewing: Vogue 1236 in Liberty

I needed to knock that ‘poor me’ post off the top of this blog as quickly as possible, so chose Vogue 1236 to sew, as it really is a ‘no brainer’ pattern. There’s nothing particularly exciting about this pattern. It’s a simple sack dress with a pleated neckline, but in my experience you rely on these dresses most as they are so easy to wear anywhere.

Clearly, this dress is not very winter appropriate, but it was quite warm in Sydney today, about 19 degrees, so I wore it with tights and a cardi and survived comfortably.

The dress came together very quickly. The pleats are nice and no closures means an easy sew. The dress is surprisingly tulip shape, with a much wider middle than top or bottom, but it works.

I really love this Liberty fabric too and this un-fussy dress design suits it. I fully lined this dress in batiste by extended the facings, but probably didn’t need to. The lining does add a little extra bulk to the waist area when you wear a belt, but I kinda like that it appears that I have a waist.

All in all, this was a good, quick, pick-me-up sew, which is just what I needed.