The Blanket Tova

I finished this dress last night and I think it’s rather wild and a wee bit funny. Does it look like a blanket to you?? It does to me, but I still plan on wearing it.

It’s made with my lovely Tova pattern (which I adore!) and the fabric is flannelette!! Seriously, I never thought I’d make a dress out of flannelette, but I also never thought I’d ever find flannelette that I could ever make an daytime appropriate garment from.

The fabric is from one of those shops that’s popped up on Etsy with a bunch of cheap fabric from Asia. This fabric is from is called Cottonholic .They have a few more fabric styles that I quite like.

Look the quality of the fabric isn’t awesome, but it’s more than adequate for this dress. When you hold the fabric to the light, you can see the weave is a little patchy, the print is a little blotchy on some colours and the grid pattern was printed a little off grain, making matching the fabric extra tedious. But still, I matched the fabric pretty well – check out the sleeve caps and front yoke matching. Genius – I tell you!

This dress has definitely come together nicer than my first Tova. I had no fabric problems like last time, meaning the collar has come out perfectly. The sleeve caps are also set in, possibly the best that I’ve ever done. The trick this time was to use my 1/4 quilting foot with the needle set as far left as possible. This created a consistent, but scant 3/8 seam.

This dress reminds me a little of a Snuggie, but maybe a little more fashionable.

The back of the Tova is a little generous, as you can see from this photo. I’m thinking I may still take in the side seams a little, or run some bias tape and elastic on back waist to add a little definition.

But other than that, it’s done. Mmmmmm warm and toasty!

Classic denim bonnets

I’ve made a couple of bonnets out of the most awesome, lightweight, soft, 100% cotton denim that you’ll ever see.

Seriously, this denim rocks! It’s about the same weight as quilting cotton, and as it’s 100% cotton, it’s natural and breathable.

And denim goes with everything!

If the kids give me a little more computer time today, I’ll list them in my shop.

I’ll also be listing a “design your own” denim bonnet. Where you can pick your a fabric for other bonnet side from my growing stash of fabric designs. Two looks for one price – what a deal!!

Yep – I’ve changed.

Last night, I got cross with my husband, because he dared to help me sort out the 8 baskets of clean clothes that had accumulated in the front room. I didn’t realise till then, how completely stressy I’ve become with how I like things done. I actually like clothes folded, not just put away, and after 15 years he still can’t fold towels the way I like (half, half, thirds).

I used to be a wild child, a party girl, a little more trouble than your regular peep. But now, I’m more Martha Stewart, than Paris Hilton…..Yep – I’ve changed.

Mostly for the better, but I think I need to relax a little. I think part of this stress is due to university work. I can’t wait until next Tuesday night, when my final essay for the semester will be handed in. Once semester is finished, I’ll enjoy a bunch of child-free, sewing days- yipee! Some bloggers talk about having a sewcation (sewing-vacation), but I’ll have one every week – hooray!!

So while there’s been a distinct lack of sewing blogging lately, stick with me, there’s a heap more to come.

Now as every post needs a photo, here’s one for you.

Just incase you don’t know what this is, it’s a swivel sweeper´╗┐. In addition to the lovely fabric gift that my mum gave me for my birthday, she also bought me one of these and I must say I was just as excited when I got it! (Yep – I’ve changed). With three little kids and lots of little sewing threads to collect from the ground, it’s quite a nifty little invention to have around the house. Thanks mum!
Anywho, that’s enough babbling for this post. I have a university assessment presentation that begins in 20 mins…..

Spring SALE!!

I know it’s not spring in Sydney, but I keep reading about the welcome weather change that our northern hemisphere friends are enjoying. My sister lives in Toronto and I really get a feel for what spring means to those with long, cold winters as I watch her mood change with the weather.

Now, it’s probably no surprise that I don’t sell as many bonnets during the Australian autumn and winter. So, I figure it’s time to clear my bonnet tree. I have 8 bonnets now listed in my shop at a hugely discounted price. There’s nothing wrong with them, they are just the ready made bonnets I have. I’d love them to find new homes, possibly somewhere where the sun is shining.

Happy Spring!!