Holiday crafting and a winner!

So while away, I still managed a little creating. I’m not one to sit and watch TV much. I find I go rather nuts without something to do.

First up, I finally finished Adele’s Darwinia dress.

Looking over Ravelry, I can see that I started this dress in January, so it’s taken five and a bit months to complete, although I didn’t touch it for over two months. Kylie made a point of bragging telling me at Sew it Together that she completed her first Darwinia in two days…. clearly I’m a little behind in the speed department!

I’ve now knitted three Tikki patterns and I love them. I love the look and I love that they are relatively easy, but produce great looking items.

I just adore the bottom ruffle on this dress! I made an 18 month size, but knowing it probably wasn’t going to get worn that much during winter, I added an inch or so to the length.

I used a latte coloured cotton from Bendigo, which I acquired in a swap with a friend, so there wasn’t much choice, but it is a good neutral and still looks adorable. I need to get some ribbon for the eyelet band.

Next up, what does every one year old need for winter? Why a scarf of course!

I’m not sure how much wear this item will get, but I was scrapbustin’ and this was the full length I could obtain from one and a bit balls of Bella Baby Layette bamboo cotton blend that I had left over from the Olearia shrug I made for Adele last year.

Did you notice the missing mullet?? I finally got Miss a hair cut before our holiday and now she sometimes let me put in clips – yay! Isn’t she just adorable?? Much nicer than the Bon Jovi look.

Lastly, I made a cowl for me. Again I used Bendigo cotton in latte, but this time it was the left over 4 ply from this dress. Yay for stashbustin!!

It was a bit of a fluke that I had just the right amount for this length cowl and there was a wee bit of stress that I was wasting my time with a useless project. The cowl was made with a simple alternating shell and ‘V’ pattern, then twisted and sewn together. Easy peasey and quite comfy too.

The last bit of stashbustin’ and UFO management that I’ve undertaken in the yarn craft department began last night. During my search for holiday craft projects, I stumbled upon an almost finished cardigan that I’m pretty sure I began last year at the end of winter. All parts were crocheted and just one sleeve needed to be sewn on, but it had laid untouched for almost a year. Why? I don’t know, but it should fit Adele perfectly right now. I guess I had the foresight to make a larger size and it appears I’ve added length to the body and arms too.

Gosh I’m clever! Now I just need to run a crochet edge and attach buttons.

Now, enough babbling about stashbustin’ and UFO management, I think we need a winner for my Oliver & S Playdate dress pattern giveaway and that is Tania!

Congratulations!! Please let me know your address and I’ll pop the pattern in the post.

Happy Wednesday and happy first day of winter! I’ll be back later with my Me Made June post.


We arrived back home last night after a very, very, very long journey home. Seriously, why do all the good holidays have to be sandwiched between difficult days travelling with kids?

The weather at Port Douglas was lovely and we enjoyed going to the beach at least once, but often twice a day, every day with a short intermission back at our apartment for naps – bliss!!

The only real challenge, apart from the travel, was dealing with not having a coffee machine and therefore no fresh espresso as soon as I open my eyes. It’s my one vice in life and completely necessary, in my opinion, with three small kids.

Adele’s new bonnet got a major work out during the holiday and protected many hours playing a the beach.

I’ve now listed it in my shop – so head over there to get yours!

Don’t you wear goggles to the beach? Thankfully he didn’t insist on wearing them every day.

Lots of activity = easy daytime naps!
 The bonnet also protected Adele from the crocs at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures.

She’s not afraid of anything!

 Family photos are always taken at dinner time these days. It’s the only time they all stay still.
 The boys on the Bally Hooley steam train in Port Douglas
Very tired!
I missed my sewing machine while I was away, but I did manage to squeeze in a little holiday craft. I’ll be back tomorrow with some show and tell and to draw the winner of my Oliver & S competition – have you entered yet?


The reward for such a difficult semester, is a holiday with the family.

We’re off for a week to tropical north Queensland – yay!! Not sure how we’ll cope with the three little ones on the plane. I feel sorry for all those sitting near us.

There will be a few exciting things happening here when I return, and I think one of them will be Me Made June.

Nuts right?? But I think I’ll have more than enough items in my wardrobe to pull it off.

Have a fun week. I’ll make a sandcastle for you.

Blue Hyou Heidi

This is my latest creation from my stash of fabric from Tessuti. It’s based on the BurdaStyle Heidi pattern and I absolutely LOVE this dress!

The fabric is called Blue Hyou from Tessuti, and it’s a lovely, light, drapey Japanese cotton with a slightly crinkly, matt finish. It’s quite sheer, but the dress is fully lined, so that’s OK, and it was very easy to work with.

As I finished cutting the dress, I realised that the print is actually a coloured leopard print. Now that I’ve looked up what ‘Hyou’ means, I think it is Japanese for snow leopard or something. So that makes sense now…

During the construction of this dress, I was really concerned about my choice of pattern. It didn’t appear to be coming together very well at all. It wasn’t until I put the zipper in and pinned the hem that it actually started to look like something that I’d wear.

Despite my doubts, the pattern did come together quite well, but I did make some modifications, nothing terribly major though.
– I reshaped the sleeves as in their original form they are HUGE! More like wings, than little cap sleeves.
– I added about an inch to the bodice, so that it finished at my natural waist. I knew I wanted to wear a skinny belt with this dress, not the Burda one that is included with the pattern, so this mod was necessary to do this.
– I also tapered the shoulder seam so they fitted more to the shape of my shoulder.
– I was concerned about how blousey the top of the dress was going to be, so I adjusted the waist by reducing the size of the tucks on the front of the dress.
– the front neckline was raised just slightly, by about a quarter of an inch, to help hide my under garments.

Some minor problems I have with this dress now that it’s finished, well blog finished anyway, I still have to hand sew the lining:
– The dress is a little snug around the hip. Unfortunately, this is all my fault. I haven’t sewn many slim fit patterns recently, so often forget to look at the sizing at the hip. This time, it was kinda important and while the dress fits at the hip, it is a little too tight for my liking with only1-2 inches ease. Thankfully, the fabric is soft and kinda stretchy, so it’s not uncomfortable. I’m hoping the dress doesn’t shrink as I don’t think I’m likely to shrink any further if it does.
– I lined the dress in cotton voile which, while lovely for summer, is not so lovely in winter as it clings to tights
– I accidentally hemmed the dress about an inch too short, but I have enough fabric to take it down when I return from my holiday.

So that’s about all for now. I still have one more dress to make from my birthday fabric and it’s all cut and ready to begin when I get home. Happy sewing – yay!