We’re off today for a whole week of fun by the beach.

This will be the view from the rented beach house.

I’ll be back in a week to collect my machines from the service guy and hopefully have  a little knitting or crochet progress to show.

Happy Sunday all!

It’s bold! Simplicity 2591 with a little New Look 6805

I’ve been sewing like a mad woman this week. Desperate to finish a few last orders before we head off on holidays and desperate also, to finish a new frock for me. Just a little summer frock for hot, humid days, nothing fancy or terribly spesh.

I first mentioned this dress a couple of days ago, but there’s a little history to this dress. You see, I paid FULL price for this Simplicity pattern!! Something which I very, very, very rarely do, or in fact, never do!

I have a system for buying patterns. When I see one that like, I list them on my pooter, rated it into one of two categories, ‘kinda like’ and ‘really, really want to make’. When patterns go on sale, I pull out the list to determine what to buy. This pattern was in the ‘really, really, want to make’ list and even though we’ve enjoyed a number of pattern sales at both Lincraft and Spotlight recently, I still overlooked buying this pattern.

Then I read on Stitchy Witch’s blog that Simplicity 2591 had been discontinued, so thought I’d better get a move on and buy it. I started phoning around (as you do when you have three kiddies to drag the shops), and found out that when  pattern is discontinued it is cut up and sent back to the manufacturer for a credit!! Gah – I thought I’d missed out! But then I found an illegal copy at a local Lincraft store, quickly packed the kids in the car and purchased it at FULL price! For those not in Australia, that’s about $17!!! Now, I’d pay that type of money for a premium pattern or boutique pattern, but never for a pattern by any other the majors. So with pattern in hand, the dress needed to become a priority and this is it.

Now you may have noticed that I’ve quite significantly altered the neckline of this dress. This was done to make the frock a little cooler to wear, but I do intend on making it, as it is shown on the pattern for when the weather cools a little.

I just love this pattern! The pockets are AWESOME!!!! and how cool are the bias side panels?

I can’t believe how bad this dress looks on the pattern envelop. I think the side panels and the pockets are the best design feature and you can’t see them on them at all!

Changing the neckline on this dress was a little tricky, but you can do it too. What I did was place the pattern piece for Simplicity 2591 over and New Look 6805 (or any other square neck, princess seam dress) to copy the square line. I then traced the back bodice pieces and modified them to accommodate a centre back zipper and where I wanted to position the straps. The only problem with  these changes, which is probably a result of my ‘not so technical’ pattern alteration skills, is there is slight gape on the front neck, just a little, but I probably notice it more as I’m the one looking down. The straps also sit better, at the back, when I stand with nice straight posture, rather than hunched. No better excuse to stand properly right?

I fudged the straps by guessing how the shape of each strap should look. They are supposed to curve a bit right?? And they looked better in my opinion following the stripes of the fabric.

This is the back – the easier of the two changes.

Then I contemplated lining the dress to hold these pattern changes. But being a frock that I wanted to keep light and cool, I opted to draw some facings instead.

This is my technical way of drafting facings. They have been cut straight, rather than shaped like the bodice, which may also contribute to some of the bodice gaping.

Now I only had a 2 meter piece of fabric to make this dress (it’s a cheap cotton poplin from Spotlight that my Nana insisted on buying me when I took her there last week), not quite enough to cut each pattern piece, so I faced and made pocket linings with light grey voile. I then top-stitched everything in white, just because I could and I wanted too.

I really like this dress – it’s bold, but cool. I can still play with the kiddies in it and it is quite comfortable.

Changes made to the pattern: Well aside from the noticeable bodice changes, I inserted an invisible zipper and took the dress in about an inch along the back. I added half an inch to the bodice length as I am a little long waisted and also cut a fair bit from the hem. I’m still debating the hem length. I think it is currently a little too long.

This is a little too short…

I think this might be better.

What do you think?

Pattern reviewed here.

My Creative Space – Simplicity 5500

In my space today, we have another finished garment for me. I first mentioned this project earlier this month. While I do need a few more summer items for my wardrobe, this cami was made to re-use the fabric from a blouse that did not work – boo!!

This pattern is old, like OLD! I think I bought it about 10 years ago (I might be exaggerating a little), back when I didn’t really know how to sew, aside from hemming curtains. I did cut the pattern (OOP Simplicity 5500), and I think I may have cut some fabric at some point, but never made a garment.

As this cami buttons at the back, I was able to use a small remnant of this lovely vibrant Anna Maria Horner voile to make this. In the end,I didn’t even cut into the failed Alexander Blouse.

I think it’s quite sweet, but there are a few problems that I’m hoping to fix when it comes out of the wash. I twisted one of the shoulder straps (doh!) and cut the shoulder straps just slightly too short! I’m not sure I can fix the strap length, but as they are a little too short I seem to pull this top down quite a bit making the facing  pop out. So, I plan to un-twist the strap, try to lengthen the straps, even by a little, and will top stitch the garment. Even if I can’t lengthen the straps, they should ‘give’ a bit with wear.

I quite like the buttons on the back, but they are not easy to do up.

I’m getting my machines serviced next week while I’m on holidays. I have just a few more items to finish before then, but I have to work in my new job tonight. I might have to pull an ‘all-nighter’ on Friday night.
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Happy Australia Day!

Hooray! Happy Australia Day!

To celebrate Australia Day, little betty and a bunch of other Australian Etsy sellers are having a sale. Take 20% off any bonnet until the end of January. Enter coupon code ‘ausday20’ at the checkout. Don’t forget to specify the bonnet size you are after.

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Stay cool!