I’m free!!!!

My prac block is now over and I’m so, so happy that this week I can get back to being normal. While I’ve learnt so much during this teaching block and it has been really enjoyable, working full time has meant there’s been pretty much no sewing and very little fun time with my kids.

I have really, really missed lazy mornings with my kids and look forward to us staying in our jarmies until after 9am every possible day we can this coming week!

To celebrate my return, I’ve decided to hold a sale on my ready made bonnets this week only. I have some new fabric to cut into, so need to clear my shop for new designs, which will hopefully be listed next week.

I’ll also be listing this outfit as a custom order, hopefully by later today. It’s made with the most devine, super soft voile from Anna Maria Horner, my favourite fabric designer.

Adele is modelling her own outfit here, but I do have enough fabric remaining for one more just like it. Look at my dinosaur of a phone! My cordless phone broke a few months ago and we’ve been using this late 80’s relic since then. Maybe with the proceeds from the sale of this outfit I’ll finally get around to buying a new cordless??

Now I’ve noticed a few new followers have joined me these past few days, probably from the Bettsy Kingston blog. “Hi there!” I just wanted to say that three weeks with no sewing means I have many, many plans for the coming few weeks, including a new tutorial based on the Bettsy Kingston ruffle pants pattern. I can’t wait to see if my plans work, I’m sure they will.

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Great homemade gifts

Adele received a couple of great handmade gifts on Sunday and they are so, so good I really need to show you.
First, is this stunning quilt or rug made by my mum. We originally came across this design in one of those Australian patchwork and stitching magazines (I’ll try to look up the actual edition and post it for you). I don’t know why I liked this design. It is extremely girly with all of those Sun Bonnet Sue appliques on it, but I just love it!

Mum spent hours hand appliqueing each Sun bonnet Sue and then also hand stitched the spirals connecting the love hearts and also hand quilting it with more Sun Bonnet Sue’s and hearts!!

I know! What a mammoth effort! She did most of it travelling in Canada visiting the family earlier this year, but still so, so much skill and work has gone into this.

 It is a quilt floor rug and sits in Adele’s room like this. I thought her room was finished, but now I know it is!

The second handmade item was given to Adele by a very dear friend of ours. Like me, she is a sewer who makes most of her gifts for others. But making a gift for Adele presented her with a big dilemma – what do you make for a little girl whose mother makes everything x 10???

Well luckily for her, she had something I coveted – a 1 meter piece of Wonderland by Moma fabric in jam/pink colour!!!

Now I love, love, love this fabric! I’ve included it in my own quilt for my bed in the off white colourway and had I have known that I was going to have a girl I’d have purchased more of it in every design and in every colour!

So to maximise the fabric design, I asked my friend to make Adele a simple pillowcase dress and I am just so thrilled with the result! It’s stunning, well made and so, so sweet! The good thing also is that it should also fit next year, then with a few mods possibly the following year as a top and then I should have enough fabric to turn it into a skirt.

I’m certain I’ll never get bored of this lovely fabric, so I look forward to using it for many years to come.

The last first birthday party

Thankfully we survived Sunday! About 70 people, family and good friends, stopped by to help us celebrate Adele’s first birthday.

The weather looked a little dodgy early on, but fined up to an extremely warm and humid day. I wish I had more photos to share, but I was so busy tending to everything, that I forgot to get the camera out until just before cake.

Not sure if any of you recognise the bunny cake? It’s from the Woman’s Weekly birthday cake book from the 80’s, found recently at an Op Shop.

How sweet is this little outfit? I finished this just the night before the party and it’s so, so lovely and light. It’s made with Anna Maria Horner voile from her Little Folks collection. I’ve made a cami top with this same fabric and am amazed at how well it washes. I still haven’t ironed it, just line dry and wear.

This was Adeles second outfit for the day, she trashed her Oliver & S Bubble dress, so this came out after her nap. The good thing is I have enough fabric to make a second outfit like this for my shop. So once it’s out of the wash I’ll hopefully be able to photograph it and list it as a custom order. Well, once my prac block finishes anyway…

I’ll hopefully post tomorrow with some of the lovely handmade gifts little Adele received.