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Today we have a toile or muslin of a new dress. I’m not sure which name to call it, but this is it – glamorous huh??

It’s a vintage pattern from 1981. Simplicity 9863, which says on the front it’s “Jonathan Hitchcock for Reuben Thomas”. I’ve never heard of these designers, but I wasn’t that old in 1981 – he he! I never thought I’d ever make anything from a 1980’s pattern, but this is closer to the 70’s than 90’s, which is probably why it’s so nice.

This is the pattern picture here with the vintage metal zip that I picked up from the Op Shop for 25c. I’m trying to decide if I sew an exposed metal zip, as it seems fashionable these days or try to hand pick it, which seems to be mentioned a lot in blog land at the mo.

So back to the muslin, so far my modifications are working well. I needed to add 4 inches to the waist – yep, 4 inches!! This is because even though I’m a size 10, I have no waist. Not in an odd looking way, but in a ‘I’ve had three kids’ kinda way. My waist measurement is close to a size 14-16 waist – can you believe? Do I look massively out of proportion? Because the pattern companies seem to think I am. Getting back on track, I also slightly modified the point of the bust where the strap fixes. Being a vintage pattern I guessed it would be too high and it was. Note: this muslin is just for sizing so it doesn’t matter that the bust pleats don’t line up.

So after making this muslin, I plan to further reduce the point where the strap affixes at the front. You might be able to see my pen markings in the above image. I will take the dress in under the arms as it gapes a little, this is pinned in the pictures. I also need to raise the back bodice a little to help hide a small tattoo that I thought was a good idea over a decade ago…..

Now the reason for all this work for a simple sundress, is that I have a very minimal cut of fabric that I’m working with – just one yard to be precise. Here is some tight pattern placing in progress. Only half of the pattern pieces are down there. I’m planning on lining the dress in lawn – simple and light.

The fabric above is Anna Maria Horner pastry line voile in coral, which is actually orange, not a pink coral, which I thought it would be when I bought it. This fabric will really show off the dress style as the bodice is cut on the bias. The bodice will have diagonal stripes, the skirt will have vertical lines and straps horizontal lines. Hopefully it’ll work and I’ll be able to neatly match the fabric…..

Speaking of buying fabric – look what turned up on my door yesterday. I love, love, love it all and better yet they accidentally refunded my postage, so I got 11 yards of fabric with no postage – yay!

I just adore Anna Maria Horner voile (clearly) and am so excited about upcoming projects with these. I can’t afford Liberty, but this is the next best thing I think. So far I’m hoping to make Vogue 1120 with the fabric on the top right. I won this pattern recently from Belinda, but again will need to try to work some re-sizing magic to fit it. I’m also hoping to use the star looking fabric in the middle to make the Collette Chantilly dress, but may need to work some pattern placing magic with this cut and also probably a full bust adjustment, going down  of course. Thankfully the lovely Thouraya has offered to lend me the pattern. She made an awesome version earlier this year which is featured on the Collette pattern website.  If the muslin doesn’t work out, I won’t be out of pocket.

Lastly, here are some freshly painted walls in my sewing space. It’s so light and bright now and I will never ever miss those awful blue walls and yellow ceiling.

I just need the husband to hang the blinds and curtains and then it’ll be complete. Such hard work this past week, but it’s so worth it.
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So I’m really free now

So a couple of weeks ago I announced my freedom after finishing a three week prac teaching block. However, I still had one assignment to complete. So today, I am really free – yippee!!! I have no more university until February and better yet two child free days per week! Yep – AWESOME!

While I’d love to be able to show you some of the many things I’ve been making, I’ve actually had my machine packed away for over a week!!!!! I think that’s the longest I’ve ever not sewn. Unfortunately, painting our upstairs space, which houses my machine, has taken priority and I don’t think I can paint any faster. I painted a full 9 hours on Tuesday, then another 9 on Saturday then another 4 hours on Sunday. You may remember from earlier photos that the walls were royal blue, with matched architraves and skirting boards and the ceiling was bright yellow. I can’t imagine a time when that colour combo was cool. The bathroom had the same royal blue on the ceiling!! What were the previous owners thinking! So far there are 4 coats on the ceiling, 2-3 coats of oil on the architraves and skirtings and one undercoat on the walls. I’m hoping two coats of wall paint tomorrow will finish the job – so probably another 9 hours tomorrow.

On Wednesday I will set up my machine again and will heading into vintage pattern world. First up is the Simplicity pattern on the left.

It’s from 1981 and I never thought I’d make an 80’s pattern, but it seems really nice. I’ll be making the red version – the bodice is cut on the bias, the straps cross at the back and button at the front, which I think will be rather cute, and the skirt has a couple of pleats, which is very fashionable today. I’ll probably make a muslin of this one though, as I will need to adjust the waist and probably bring the neckline down a little. Hopefully it’ll work, I’m trying to squeeze it from a 1 yard cut of Anna Maria Horner pastry line fabric from my stash. Anywho we’ll see.

The pattern on the left here actually came to me from my Nana, who lives just a hundred meters away. It’s an original 1950’s dress pattern and I’m hoping at some point to attempt it in the sleeveless version which is on the top left. The Guy Laroche Vogue pattern on the right  is from the 70’s and it’s LOVELY! So super stylish, but it’s waaaay too big for me. I just love looking at it though. Maybe one day I’ll find it in my size and maybe have somewhere to where it too…
Anywho, lots of dreaming and planning. I just need to start doing… well once I finish painting and then I  also need to get cracking on my huge Christmas present list – eeek!!

My Messy Room

If you’re one of those peeps who like to try on goods before committing to a purchase, then I have great news for you. My Messy Room, the super cool kiddie shop in Summer Hill  is now stocking little betty bonnets!

 Here are my sweet little bonnets lined up in the window. How cool!!

There are also a few new bonnet styles listed in my shop, including my new favourite bonnet below.

I’m also now listing my bonnets in my shop without the help of my little model here. It’s just getting too hard to photograph every bonnet on her little squirmy head. Hopefully people will still get the idea of what they look like when listed like this.

Happy Friday all!

My Creative Space

Today we have a new summer top for me – yay!!! I finished this top on Monday night, but have been flat out painting since then and have struggled to find the time to photograph it.

As you can see there is a different location for my photos here. As the upstairs space is being painted, I’m  not able to shoot them up there. These photos are so, so dodgy and out of focus, but I’m sure you get the idea.

The cami is based on McCalls 5388 and while I thought the pattern envelope looked nice, I’m not so happy with the final result. Well, it’s OK, but not amazing. The pattern is way too generous, even for a gathered top. The armholes gape and the yoke is way too large. I cut a size 10 but probably could have cut an 8 or 6. But it’s good enough and the fabric is Divine. Once again it’s an Anna Maria Horner voile (yep again – the fav!)

The only changes I made to the pattern include slightly increasing the width of the shoulder straps, this is to ever so slightly provide more coverage over a bra strap, because lets face it, if I’m at home with the kids I’m probably not going to wear a strapless bra. I also top stitched the yoke to the facing rather than slip stitching. I really wanted a fast result and you can barely see the top stitching anyway.

While this cami isn’t awesome, it’s good enough and will certainly be worn this summer. I’m hoping to post a pattern review tonight.

I have so many more projects planned, but probably won’t get too many done until the painting is completed upstairs, a job which has now solely been place in my hands – ugg! I also have one final uni assignment to complete, it’s due Monday and I’m so not interested!

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